Massage in Kansas City, MO

When you visit The Glam Room for one of our massage services, you’ll be completely immersed in relaxation. Whether you live in Kansas City, MO or in the outlying areas, our highly trained massage therapists will assess your individual needs to deliver a massage program tailored to your specific needs. Massage is an escape from the busy world and the ultimate relaxation treatment, but it also has health benefits as well. Any of our six types of massages help to calm anxiety, relieve stress, ease pain & tension, relax muscles, and improve circulation. Massage can also alleviate pain and other symptoms from an array of medical conditions. Our full massage spa treatments include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal, and Sports Massage. Depending on your needs, each of these target specific issues and areas of the body using specialized techniques. If you’re looking for something less invasive, our Reflexology Massage applies specialized pressure only to the hands and feet to find those reflex areas that channel massage benefits to other parts of the body. For expectant mothers, our Prenatal Massage can help to reduce some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy. Our professional massage therapists strive to stay up to date on the latest techniques and educational components that make The Glam Room one of the best massage salons in the area.


50 Min Swedish Massage

Starting at $79

80 min Swedish Massage

Starting at $102