—Kirun Hundal May 30, 2020
Alexis Honan, my stylist, for a long time is great. Staff at the Glam Room always professional. Great salon and great staff.
—Joan M. Ponder May 30, 2020
I appreciate you being open during this difficult time. I love coming to your salon. The staff is helpful and friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable.
—Katherine May 29, 2020
It was wonderful to see everyone again!
—Christine Davidson May 28, 2020
Lexi alway does a great job of making my hair pretty! I always look forward to having her do my hair. Truth told, Lexi is who I want treating my hair; she's who I pay the $$$ for. I really do not like having the trainees involved. I always know my hair will look good when Lexi fixes it; not always so with the trainees.
—Arlene Russell May 28, 2020
—Jason Hill May 28, 2020
Awesome haircut! Great experience especially during these times!
—Chiyeko Morisaki May 27, 2020
Toni is so great. She takes her time and does my hair just the way I want every time. So happy with her work and always look forward to the next visit.
—Leslye Fleming May 27, 2020
Angelica is amazing! She gave the best facial I’ve ever had and does such a wonderful job with my eyebrows!!
—Traci May 26, 2020
—Emily May 26, 2020
Salon pandemic protocols were impeccable. Jacob is always outstanding!
—Carol Livingston May 26, 2020
Angelica did an excellent job, as always. Always feel renewed and rejuvenated when I leave. She’s so sweet and makes the facial exceptionally enjoyable.
—Madeline prall May 26, 2020
—Mollie Northern May 26, 2020
—Deanna Beall May 26, 2020
I got my nails and eyebrows done. I was scared and a little anxious to get my nails done because I had never gotten them done before. But I love them!! Mao did such a good job! I can't remember the name of the lady who did my eyebrows but she was awesome! She was super nice and made me feel right at home!
—Kirun Kaur Hundal May 26, 2020
COVID-19 has been so difficult for many reasons and it was such a treat to be able to get out and get my nails done again in a SAFE place! Lifted the spirits and I felt so safe the entire time thanks to the extra measures taken by the salon. It was amazing as always!
—Mackenzie Martin-Fisk May 25, 2020
Kelsi is amazing! She listens to what works for me, gives input and creates exacting what I want in a haircut! Thank you Kelsi for taking good care of my hair.
—Lee Ann May 25, 2020
Always a great experience and look!
—Dallas Uhrich May 24, 2020
Jessi is always great and the entire salon did a great job with handling the COVID situation.
—Kristina Patrick May 23, 2020
Jacob--amazing stylist---and the reason I am a client---very nice atmosphere--that now is very respectful of the current issues of the pandemic
—Allen L Edwards May 23, 2020
Kelsi is amazing. Love her style, her dedication to work and really enjoyed my service here. I already recommended to my friends!
—ASHLEY GUSZTAK May 22, 2020
Jacob is great! Super friendly, and gave me exactly the haircut I wanted :)
—AJ May 22, 2020
—Lauren Kuehl May 22, 2020
Thanks Alyssa!
—Payton May 22, 2020
The entire staff is wonderful, I’ve been a customer for almost two years. The staff always comes and says hi and is always super friendly. Michael is very talented and always great to chat with
—Jared Nauser May 20, 2020
Angelica is amazing as always!
—Marissa Webb Tonkovic May 20, 2020
Always professional. Always on point. Beautiful salon with equally amazing staff! Consistent experience, and during COVID — exemplary precautions and safety measures to ensure safety of clients and staff. Support local talent and a fantastic establishment! Spoiler alert: Michael has flawless execution of styles and sincerely takes your expectations and comfortability to heart.
—Bobby Burke May 20, 2020
Love the Glam Room!
—Kelly Clem May 20, 2020
Love Jacob!!! T
—Angela Danley May 19, 2020
My feel good happy place
—Mary sullivan May 19, 2020
Kaitlin is the best!
—Jennifer Spencer May 18, 2020
Thank you for your attentiveness in keeping your staff and your clientele as safe as possible. Michael was awesome and I love my haircut!
—LA. Schwerdt May 18, 2020
Kenzie has been doing my hair since we were in cosmetology school and she does a great job every time. I love my hair and will continue to return to Kenzie
—Maegan May 17, 2020
Michael does amazing work and especially under the new covid guidelines.
—Marvin Wayne Young May 17, 2020
Great service! Kyonna you did a great job!! Thank you!
—Bea Moore May 17, 2020
Always love the way my color turns out, would not get it done anywhere else!
—Braylin Stevens March 23, 2020
Love the Glam Room and absolutely love Jacob! I trust him with my hair so much he’s amazing !!
—Jessica March 22, 2020
Rebecca is the best! She called to let me know about the closure and got me in for a quick cut. All of the Glam Room staff is friendly and helpful.
—Bret Fischer March 22, 2020
Mickie was super helpful and gave me tips about what type of products to use to keep my hair looking great. She made me feel amazing with my new hair and I can’t wait to be back!
—Cindy Nguyen March 18, 2020
Beth is seriously amazing and my skin is always glowing when I leave from my facial!
—Caitlin Ricker March 17, 2020
—Kirk Duckers March 17, 2020
Michelle was awesome and gave me exactly what I asked for. I loved the atmosphere and how engaging she was.
—Abigail March 17, 2020
Kenzie’s awesome and my hair looks fantastic
—Maegan March 16, 2020
It was amazing. There was 4 of us going to get hair and makeup done for a wedding. They were so awesome we got in and out early. We all looked amazing. Couldn't have been happier. Thank you all for making our night the best.
—Mollie Cullinan March 16, 2020
I'm new to KC and I've been trying to find a hair salon... I found this salon online. 5 stars for Michelle at Glam Room Salon, She was very nice, explained all the process and very professional!
—Elena Westbrook-Montoya March 16, 2020
I have now been to the Glam Room 3 times. The first two I was pleased with my stylist and had planned on returning, but I got a phone call that she was no longer at the Salon and that they would be happy to reschedule my appointment with another stylist at a discounted rate due to my inconvenience. This was a smart move on their part as I couldn't get in for a few weeks. I was willing to wait, and I'm glad I did. Cassie took her time to listen to me as a new client. She got my vibe and gave me a beautiful new do. She was delightful to talk with during the appointment and I'm looking forward to my next appointment with her. I highly recommend.
—Carissa Dixon March 16, 2020
My facial was fantastic!
—amy ridgeway March 16, 2020
The Glam Room provided a great hair experience!! The staff was very cordial and friendly. Kyonna did an amazing job with my hair!! Thank you so much!!
—Alicia Davis March 15, 2020
I have been to several salons in the KC Metro- including Johnson County, but I can honestly say that the Glam Room is the best salon in the area. The product selection is unheard of in this area. I’ve been looking for Keraste products since I left Michigan almost 6 years ago. Courtney completely transforms my hair color to exactly what I want every time! She is so knowledgeable, patient, and talented! It’s unsurprisingly VERY difficult to find someone that can handle blond hair properly. I never feel rushed, I am able to relax. Plus, the high quality product and services offered at a realistic and honest price is what really makes this salon stand apart from the rest. I can’t wait to try the nail services soon!
—Haley Medler March 15, 2020
The staff was great. My eyebrow wax did rip off some of my skin. It is because I got a microneedling facial 2 weeks so the staff told me that was probably the reason. I did come home and cry because my wedding is in 1 week. I booked this spa day to relax and de stress. I am not blaming the Glam Room staff I just wish they would have asked more about my skin routine recently before they waxed me. I don’t use retinal or accutane or anything like that. It just kind of ruined my day. Once again I’m not blaming anyone. I didn’t know it was going to happen and they didn’t either. I think more questioning about recent skin routine. Maybe it could have changed the outcome and I would have had my relaxing spa day.
—Holly Barnhill March 14, 2020
Cassandra did an amazing job! She got herself a new client! 😃
—Stef colin March 14, 2020
—baylee rhodes March 14, 2020
The Glam Room staff is so friendly and welcoming. Kelsi did an incredible job on my hair and I could not be more pleased!
—Kelly March 14, 2020
Very good service. Got the cut and style I asked for.
—Casey March 13, 2020
Cassandra Reeder makes the appointment a fun and learning experience. Her talent is magical!
—Camille March 13, 2020
Micki is the BEST! The listens to what I want, and gives me exactly the look I am looking for!!
—Krista March 12, 2020
I always enjoy my time at The Glam Room!
—Rachel Snodgrass March 12, 2020
Jacob is awesome! He's intune, he listened and actually cared about the vision I have for my hair. He's great. I'm sold and I will be back! Thank you Jacob.
—Shenee Phillips March 11, 2020
—Denise D Waters March 11, 2020
Great atmosphere and amazing haircut. Michelle took her time and made sure to listen to exactly what I wanted. That definitely doesn’t happen at most salons. I will be back for sure.
—Dustan March 11, 2020
This was my first time to the Glam Room. I went in for a consultation and cut/style--and really to check it out! Beautiful place...the shampoo room was like being in a spa! My hairstylist Kaitlyn was amazing---listened to my concerns and expectations and then explained what she would do. I am so very pleased! Give them a call or schedule an appointment online (love the convenience of that!)
—Chris Danford March 11, 2020
—Angela Didde March 11, 2020
This was my first time being at The Glam Room and it was by far the best experience I've ever had at a salon. Upon walking through the door I was instantly greeted by the sweetest woman who took the time to check me in and even gave me some discount goodies! The salon itself is absolutely beautiful and trendy. My appointment was with Madalyn who I was referred to and she did not disappoint. Madalyn went above and beyond to truly listen to my wants and fears and created absolute magic with my hair. I've been to multiple salons all over the city and I can honestly say I have never been as impressed with the entire experience as I was at The Glam Room. I 100% recommend this salon to everyone and I especially recommend making an appointment with Madalyn. This is my permanent hair salon for sure!
—Alex Lozano March 10, 2020
Great service and friendly people.
—Danny Sparks March 08, 2020
I have the best nail technician she has my nails looking beautiful!!! Thank you so very much!!
—Denise Waters March 08, 2020
Spoiled from the minute I arrive to the time I leave as the re-glamorized, reenergized “new” me, Miss Liz and her team always bring their “A game.”
—Kenda Caloroso March 08, 2020
Angelica did my waxing services and she was incredible! Parking is a little tough being in city market but as long as you plan ahead, you should be ok. I'm always able to schedule an appointment that's convenient for me and the atmosphere is really great! I've recently gotten a bow out service and I'm officially hooked!
—Denise Claibourn March 08, 2020
I am always more than happy with the service I get on my hair but I also love the positive energy of your salon.
—Nancy Cipolla March 06, 2020
Micki did a wonderful job on my hair today. I love it!
—Tiffany Murphy March 04, 2020
I had great service in a great eyebrow wax I loved it until I walked out of the building after I handed the lady that did my eyebrows the money that I owed her and then a tip and all the sudden I hear a lady hey ma'am you did not pay embarrassing me in front of people standing outside she knew nothing about the transaction that had happened even though she was standing right there I just felt like that was poor customer service an embarrassment on my part as other people hurt this like I was trying to get my bill not very professional
—Dani March 04, 2020
I have been going to The Glam Room for three years and I am so glad I found it. I started going after never really having a home base as far as a salon or hairstylist and just bounced from place to place, only cutting my hair about once a year. I keep coming back for Micki. She's great, approachable, and gets my hair done right the first time, every time. As someone who isn't too into primping or getting a lot of salon treatments, I appreciate Micki and The Glam Room staff for giving me exactly what I need and nothing more. It's a clean, well-maintained salon with professional, friendly staff who don't use considensing speech (like calling you "honey" or "dear" all of the time). For what I get, the price is fair and really exemplifies the notion of "you get what you pay for". I suggest The Glam Room to friends, coworkers, and my mom.
—Rebecca Roman March 04, 2020
Congratulations to Angelica on becoming a trainer. When Erin, her new trainee, complemented me on my skin, I told her it was because I did everything Angelica told me to. And it's true! I appreciate her guidance and I know Erin will as well.
—Christine Davidson March 04, 2020
Kaitlin always knows exactly how I want my hair styled and is so helpful when it comes through walking me through the process and even which products to purchase
—Jonna Ramos March 03, 2020
Every service you get here will be flawless and amazing!
—Mackenzie Fisk March 03, 2020
First time at the salon and I was fortunate to have Michelle as my stylist. My appointment was after work and she provided red carpet treatment. She was quick, thorough and I think I could have slept after the very relaxing shampoo. Loved my hair and the experience.
—Tracy Rogers March 02, 2020
Having just moved to the area, it's great to know theres a salon within a few blocks where I can get great service and great results. My stylist, Michelle, did a great job.
—Loren Steinfeldt March 01, 2020
I can always count on Cassie for a superb haircut and an awesome salon experience!
—LA Schwerdt February 29, 2020
Wonderful experience. Christian and her associate were attentive and pleasant. Services performed were superb. Thanking all of you.
—Maureen Frye February 29, 2020
My appointment was with Mimi and included highlights, cut and style. She did a fantastic job! I am ecstatic with the final product. I travel for work and am always very reluctant when walking into a salon I’ve never been to but Mimi was confident and definitely knew what she was doing. I highly recommend The Glam Room!!!
—Katie Kourofsky February 29, 2020
It’s been a long and tiring work week and of course, I forgot to book a haircut before my buddy’s bachelor party. Now, no one owes me a favor or anything like that but I asked Michelle for a line up, she said she was booked. Lost hope. 2 hours later she has an opening because someone didn’t show up. She hits me up to take it, of course I come in. Here I am thinking I’m getting a line up and that’s it, it’ll do good enough for short notice. Nope, she kills it. Trims me up perfect. Lines are flawless. Looking like a million bucks. Might even download tinder (for the 6th time) with the confidence I came out of there with. Thanks Michelle!
—Skylar King February 28, 2020
Great place, great people, cool setting!
—John Baccala February 28, 2020
That's it. That's the review-Jacob is lovely, and I love how he cuts my hair. He listens to what I would like, and does a great job.
—Sarah Jeter February 26, 2020
My first with Cheray was awesome! She listened to what I needed during my massage and did a great job.
—Melissa Wolfe February 26, 2020
Stylist are listen to what you’d like and give you advice and the best approach to get it. Really good hair salon
—Justine Lorente February 26, 2020
Got a haircut a couple weeks ago & FELL IN LOVE with The Glam Room! Decided to take my sister for a birthday facial and again was not disappointed. Everyone is smiling from the moment you walk in, until you walk out! Nobody ever pressures you to buy products! But will help and give you answers to any questions you have!! (Styling tips, skin type, skin products!) My new go to salon!
—Josephine Medina February 24, 2020
Cassandra updated my look with a beautiful color and extended look with some sort of "boost" (can't remember the name of the treatment but yum - smells good, feels good!). Always, always treated exceptionally! I'm so appreciative of Cass's flexibility (scheduling; cause I am high maintenance :)). Felt like a million bucks when I walked out of the salon!
—Jeanie Trueit February 24, 2020
I’ve been going to Michael for awhile now and he’s consistently given great haircuts.
—Stu Jefferson February 23, 2020
I always leave an appointment with Cassandra feeling beautiful inside and out. Thank you for another great visit!
—Melissa Wolfe February 22, 2020
Great place, relaxing and a beautiful cut
—Jamie Kelley February 21, 2020
It was my first time there. I had heard about it, as my son and his fiancé go there all of the time and rave about The Glam Room. I loved how everyone was so nice and Toni was great! She did my hair perfect and explained as she went, the products she was using in my hair and what they did. I will be back.
—Bev Prizzi February 21, 2020
Christian is extremely talented and always makes me feel special when I am in the salon. The facility is clean and welcoming.
—Anna Starks February 21, 2020
My hair always looks and feels so incredible after I see Madalyn, she's amazing
—Jacqui Aguirre February 20, 2020
I love my hair & highlights. Madalyn is always a joy to chat with.
—Lana Stenner February 19, 2020
Micheal is so good at men’s cutting! He is very thorough and knowledgeable! Very impressed by him. The salon as a whole is beautiful!
—Jesse Fecher February 18, 2020
Micheal is so good at men’s cutting! He is very thorough and knowledgeable! Very impressed by him. The salon as a whole is beautiful!
—Jesse Fecher February 18, 2020
I love the service I get here! It’s absolutely amazing!! Angelica is a professional and does the best wax I have ever had!! I won’t go anywhere else!!
—Traci Henry February 18, 2020
I loved the service and my cut. My only issue was that my stylist had long nails that scratched up my scalp and neck.
—Akanksha Narasimhan February 18, 2020
Great atmosphere and environment! Felt very welcomed and comfortable! Madalyn was awesome and did a great job on my hair!
—Meghan Cunningham February 18, 2020
Professional, kind and quality!
—Chentell Shannon February 17, 2020
I absolutely loved my first experience at The Glam Room. Justin was just so lovely to work with, he's clearly skilled and very talented at listening to his client's needs and giving them what they are looking for. I have very delicate hair and he provided some long-term goals for my hair -- and gave me a really cute long layered cut where I could keep my length while improving the look of my hair. He also gave me a GREAT blowout, my hair had volume but was soft and super shiny. I've found my hair person!
—Corin Gilbert February 17, 2020
I went in for a pedicure. We got write in at our scheduled time. No wait. They young lady was very nice and personable. The treatment and massage of my feet and legs was awesome. It felt wonderful. The only thing I didn't like was the way she clipped my toenails. She just clicked them straight across and didnt shape them. Other than that service was great. I will definitely go back to her.
—Tamala Lyons February 17, 2020
My first visit and I am so pleased. My stylist was so nice and answer all my questions. I for sure will be back.
—Wilma Anderson February 16, 2020
I had my first Glam Room massage this weekend with Angelica and oh my god it was amazing! The aesthetic of the place is so cute & calming and Angelica has such a great energy that really puts you at ease. She immediately knew what was wrong with my back and took extra care to correct it in a gentle way. I had a wonderful experience and the cost of the massage was unbelievably reasonable!
—Molly Doroba February 16, 2020
—Deanna Beall February 15, 2020
I wish I could upload pictures. Went through a 30 minute consult. I had photos, our conversation was very descriptive...contrast, dimension, length, pics of color. Chunky...I was even told the foil pattern would be different. It wasn’t until she was removing foil that she said she didn’t color my hair as we’d discussed because my hair was dry and she said my hair would absorb more color and possibly not look right. She didn’t tell me until after she’d foiled/processed it! We discussed smudging and ruled it out. I would have gone a different route had I known it wouldn’t be chunky. I am 58 and this is the first time I’ve ever walked out of a salon in tears. My hair is now two shades of gray...not blond with chunky low lights. She started cutting the back and stopped. Today is Saturday...I travel for my job and have to figure out what to do before flying out Monday morning. My hair needs cut. I’ve never had a stylist look at me and say...I don’t think this is working out. I truly liked Liz. She did me dirty and that’s on her. She cut a friends hair and she’s not going back. I liked Liz and had every intention of building a long term relationship with a new hair stylist. My previous stylist was with a different salon and I absolutely loved her. She stopped doing hair because her daughter had medical issues. I’d been searching for someone...I’m sorry this didn’t work out. I also would have never thought I’d be walking out of a salon in tears either.
—Sherri Rosenstangle February 15, 2020
This was my first time seeing Madalyn for a color and she exceeded all of my expectations. The color was perfectly what I wanted and looked so natural. I will definitely continue seeing Madalyn at The Glam Room. The salon is super cute and staff is friendly and attentive.
—Sadie Danielle February 15, 2020
Kelsi does such a great job! I leave feeling and looking my best every time!!
—Beth Ponnath February 14, 2020
Kelsi does such a great job! I leave feeling and looking my best every time!!
—Beth Ponnath February 14, 2020
She listens to what I what, gives recommendations that are best for my hair and my likes, and never disappoints! Thank you, Rebecca!
—Marissa Antonio February 13, 2020
Jacob is seriously the best. Hes easy to talk to, and my hair always looks great. I get so many compliments on my color. I wont go go anyone else!
—Nora Ferguson February 13, 2020
Alexis is ALWAYS absolutely AMAZING!!! I always love the way my hair feels and looks every month! Thank you for such amazing service!!! You rock, Alexis!!
—Heidi Hoskins February 12, 2020
I tend to be pretty specific how I want my haircut, and finding a new stylist is always a challenge. Had to find a new one when moving to KC and went to Glam Room based off local recommendations, and Michael nailed it on the first try and gets it right every time. Such a relief that my search was very short
—Jason Wolters February 11, 2020
I always get such great service at the Glam Room. From the moment you walk in to the moment you depart, you are treated like a VIP. I am always asked if every service performed met my expectations and every time they actually far exceed them. Go try them out,you will be so happy you did!
—Shelly Ridge February 11, 2020
Liz did an outstanding job on my color and conditioning. She always works to perfection and personalization.
—Charlotte Sands February 09, 2020
Liz did an outstanding job on my color and conditioning. She always works to perfection and personalization.
—Charlotte Sands February 09, 2020
Liz did an outstanding job on my color and conditioning. She always works to perfection and personalization.
—Charlotte Sands February 09, 2020
I’ve been going to Jacob for 2 years. He does such an amazing job. I have “mature” hair, and it’s never felt healthier. I’m always receiving compliments. Hailey is wonderful.The staff at Glam Room is very friendly. I recommend the Glam Room and highly recommend Jacob.
—Pam Hulse February 09, 2020
Wonderful service, sweet, friendly, she was competent, fast but not at all rushed. And very informative.
—Trish Chismar February 09, 2020
Schedules change and emergencies happen, the staff were helpful and were able to help me to look beautiful for a job interview!! Thank you so much!!! Many blessings to you all!!!
—Jackie Anderson February 08, 2020
The massage by Cheray was the best ever! She has a 6th sense for the trouble spots and is incredibly skilled at working them out. I feel so much better.
—Bill Dellecker February 07, 2020
I was in dire need of a hair cut.. I have crazy long and thick hair that I always let get out of control. Alyssa got me in last minute and she couldn’t have been a nicer person yet was still very professional. She listened to what I wanted, make recommendations and my hair turned out great. I will definitely be back in her chair soon.
—Kinsey Chavez February 06, 2020
Micki always works wonders on my hair, and yesterday was no different!
—Allie Herold February 05, 2020
Brought my daughter in this time with me to get a dip manicure. Not only did she love it but Jessica gave us valuable information on skin care etc!
—Ann LaGrange February 05, 2020
The space is awesome, and all the stylists are amazing especially Haley!
—Caroline Holschen February 04, 2020
Great atmosphere and great people! Toni did a great job!
—Landry Wilson February 04, 2020
I came to the glam room for the first time since I just moved to KC. Michael was absolutely awesome. His men’s cut was absolutely amazing and I loved the complementary beard trim and neck shave. The neck massage with the hot towel was amazing! He was also very educational during my visit explaining why he was doing certain things with my haircut and how I can keep up my beard. I will definitely be back and be recommending him to others
—Jesse Fecher February 03, 2020
I came to the glam room for the first time since I just moved to KC. Michael was absolutely awesome. His men’s cut was absolutely amazing and I loved the complementary beard trim and neck shave. The neck massage with the hot towel was amazing! He was also very educational during my visit explaining why he was doing certain things with my haircut and how I can keep up my beard. I will definitely be back and be recommending him to others
—Jesse Fecher February 03, 2020
Every single service you get here is AMAZING! They can take care of all of your beauty needs.
—Mackenzie Fisk February 03, 2020
The salon is designed so uniquely! The way everyone treats you is so pleasant and lovely. It is the most welcoming place I have ever been! Love love love!
—Isabella Masingale February 02, 2020
Great service and experience!
—Beatriz Moore February 01, 2020
—Dana Carson February 01, 2020
Justin did an amazing job with my balayage!!! I just moved to Missouri about 5-6 months ago and never found a place that actually treated me and my hair so beautifully. I have such bad experience with people dyeing my hair that I started using box dye. No more after this experience. It was my first time at this salon and I absolutely loved it. Everyone is so kind and extremely talented. I highly recommend Justin because he did awesome with my hair, but everyone else is just as talented. I was looking at all the customers’ hair at they were beautiful. The service was outstanding and I HIGHLY recommend this place!!
—Janelys Ojeda February 01, 2020
The first time a new stylist has gotten an amazing cut on my very difficult hair! Alison was fantastic and gave me very good advice on how to handle the issues I’ve been having with my hair!
—India Jose January 31, 2020
I really liked Christian and her assistant, they were fantastic. The only issue I had was one that I realized later. When I was getting my hair shampooed, they did a protein treatment that they said would be complementary, however I believe I was charged for it. If at all possible, it would be nice to be refunded that amount since I didn't request the treatment and was told it was free. I'm sure it was just an honest mistake. I loved my experience and will be back for sure!
—Lindsey Rein January 31, 2020
This is the place to go if you are wanting a peaceful and enjoyable self-caring moment. I’ve only had a haircut/style appt so far but there will be more. Already looking forward to my hair coloring appt next month. From the greeting at the door, enjoying a sip of wine to start the ‘let down your hair’ experience, this place is special! Highly recommend for a ‘treat yourself’ moment!
—Theresa Thornberg January 31, 2020
I was in need of a haircut so I went to see Alexis. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she briefly looked at it. She got started on my hair and without asking a bunch of questions she cut it exactly how I wanted! I usually have to explain a few times or show the picture over and over again but not this time! My hair turned out exactly as I’d hoped for, she was friendly and the salon has a great ambiance. I will definitely be returning and trying out other services!
—Ashley McCunniff January 29, 2020
Michelle was very nice and did an amazing job!
—Cindy Nguyen January 29, 2020
—Erin Leventhal January 28, 2020
My daughter and I had an excellent experience having services at The Glam Room. Molly shampooed, cut, and blew out my daughter’s hair for her 13th birthday and did such a great job. My daughter has super curly, dry hair and Molly had it straight and silky by the time we left. While that was happening I had an express facial with Taylor which basically saved my life. Winter has been hard on my skin and it has been dry, cracked, and irritated since December. Molly used a ton of moisturizing and cooling treatments and by the time I left my skin was noticeably more dewy and less irritated. I fully intend to return for another facial and can’t wait to pick up the products Taylor suggested for my skin type.
—Courtney Moeller January 28, 2020
They were very friendly would recommend to anybody
—Brandy Peters January 27, 2020
My Nail Technician was amazing and the best part is that I could understand every word she said!! I have made another appointment with her in 4 weeks. Love this place is really is one stop shopping for your glamour health!!
—Denise Waters January 27, 2020
Payton always gives me exactly what I need. I leave feeling refreshed and looking like a super model.
—Leslie Allen January 26, 2020
—Katie Calhoon January 26, 2020
Amazing service
—Nakitra Mckinney January 25, 2020
Amazing service
—Nakitra Mckinney January 25, 2020
We had an appointment with Mai Lee for a cut & color and she did an amazing job! My daughter loves her hair & couldn't stop smiling. I'm glad I came here for a great first experience with my daughter to get her hair done for her birthday. Would be coming back for sure. The Glam Room had a great atmosphere and the ladies at reception were very welcoming.
—Nov Thao January 24, 2020
Had a random thought to get my hair done after 12+ months of growth! They were awesome with trying to get a haircut, brow wax, and facial on the same day. Since it was last minute I had to schedule a facial for a later date (NOT MAD ABOUT THAT!) This place is so welcoming as soon as you walk in! Take you coat, offer a drink, & let you start the "relaxation process". Rebecca took the time to figure out MY needs.. how I wear my hair everyday, how it dries (air/heat), things I do/don't like about my hair! Then off to the wash room which was AMAZING! She washed & massage my scalp, also waxed my eyebrows while I got to enjoy the low lights and peaceful music! I can see myself sneaking away from the office for an afternoon of calm. HAVE ALREADY TOLD SEVERAL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS HIP/AFFORDABLE/TOP NOTCH SALON, SPA & BEAUTY BAR!!
—Josephine Medina January 23, 2020
Thank you keyonna. As a 1st time visitor to the salon & 1st time with stylist. I had expectations based on reading your bio. You exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your excellent service. I’ve found my new stylist and salon.
—Beryl Johnson January 23, 2020
Great facial in a very unique space. Good selection of products and the staff is very proficient. My esthetician was Taylor and I enjoyed my facial very much.
—Brenda Richmond January 22, 2020
Another highly satisfying session with Alexis and Angelica. Congratulations to Mimi on her upcoming graduation to full-fledged stylist!
—Christine Davidson January 22, 2020
Jacob was great with my girls’ hair cuts and did an excellent job keeping them engaged so they were not bored. Thank you!
—Judy Yi January 21, 2020
This is the second time I have been here, and once again not disappointed. Love the staff! This will forever be the only place that touches my hair!
—Carrie Clark January 21, 2020
Absolutely love Cassandra and all the magic she works with my hair!! She makes me feel absolutely gorgeous and never disappoints on my cuts ❤️
—Elizabeth Jost January 18, 2020
I came in to get a color touch-up with Justin. He sat with me prior to starting my hair and gave me a full consultation; explaining everything that he was going to do, what to expect, products that I could use afterwards to help achieve and maintain my color and style. He was so happy and energetic! I had the most amazing experience and my hair hasn’t looked or felt this good in a long time! I cannot wait to come back in 6 weeks ♥️
—Francine January 18, 2020
I love Mickey! She's the best!
—John Baccala January 17, 2020
Payton is AMAZING! She is so enthusiastic and personable! She genuinely cares about what you’d like to do with your hair. She takes such good care of my hair, she absolutely saved my hair from YEARS of bad box dye jobs
—Victoria Peterson January 16, 2020
Got lots of compliments with my hair cut and color. Kelsi did a wonderful job with my hair. She took time and little details which I like it. I’m coming back to get my hair done with her again for sure.
—Lucky Trusty January 14, 2020
Amazing salon. Michelle was great!!
—Rachana Tadakamalla January 14, 2020
Very happy with service provided!
—Dawn Bonebrake January 13, 2020
This was my first time getting an eyebrow tint! Beth was super nice and made me feel comfortable she carried a conversation with me and my friend! Will definitely be coming back for more services
—Clarissa Carver January 13, 2020
I have had a few facial done before but this time Beth listen to me and I explained my areas of concern. After my facial I felt refreshed and my face felt amazing. I’m a little weird I ask to see the stuff coming out of my face. This time Beth showed me a lot of stuff. I could see the results on the pad (all the junk) as well as me feeling it after the service. Thanks again Beth and I’ll see you in four weeks
—Danny Sparks January 10, 2020
I have had a few facial done before but this time Beth listen to me and I explained my areas of concern. After my facial I felt refreshed and my face felt amazing. I’m a little weird I ask to see the stuff coming out of my face. This time Beth showed me a lot of stuff. I could see the results on the pad (all the junk) as well as me feeling it after the service. Thanks again Beth and I’ll see you in four weeks
—Danny Sparks January 10, 2020
Jacob is amazing at doing hair and he’s very friendly, too! I always leave feeling like more than a million bucks! He has talent.
—Michelle Hartshorn January 10, 2020
Angelica is awesome! She always makes me feel comfortable and talks me through everything she is doing before she does it. She makes sure I understand my different options and what will work best for my skim. She is the only person in the world I trust with my face!!!
—Samantha Jenkins January 08, 2020
Jessica always provides an excellent hair cutting experience. She cuts quickly, is very attentive to details/needs, and is friendly. I would recommend.
—John Houser January 07, 2020
The Glam Room has the best talent in Kansas City. I never leave disappointed. I recommend them to anyone!
—Shelly Ridge January 06, 2020
This is my go-to spot to get my haircut! I have short hair so an excellent cut every time is critical. Kelsi is amazing and nails it every single time! It only took one cut for her to see what I like and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!
—Amanda Sontag January 06, 2020
I always have an amazing time at the salon and receive such great service and a beautiful finished product when done.
—Mackenzie Fisk January 06, 2020
—Thania Hamman January 05, 2020
I don’t know what I’d do without Justin. Best balayage ever! I’ve gotten so many complements already.
—Angela Mangler January 04, 2020
Love coming to the Glam room. Been coming for 2 years now and am so excited that I found Liz. She always does amazing work and 10/10 times I leave feeling so relaxed!
—Ashley Gibbons January 04, 2020
Molly did an excellent job on my hair and I am so glad I tried something new by dong balayage! Definitely recommend her service for other blondes!
—Elizabeth Fields January 04, 2020
Such a cool place, Anna was awesome and super professional. I’ll absolutely be back and refer some friends.
—Lauren Bagby January 03, 2020
Thank you Alison (genius of color) and team, you made my hair look Fabulous as always!
—Amy Hand January 03, 2020
Angelica gave me the best facial i’ve ever gotten at the glam room! She tailored it to my skin and I left with hydrated and smooth skin! The lash tint was also amazing and I now low my lashes!!
—Gabby Totorias January 02, 2020
Great job good experience
—Kay Gutierezz January 01, 2020
I have never felt so relaxed or refreshed. This was a wonderful experience!
—Daneh Lindley December 31, 2019
Kyonna! Kyonna was exceptional- she really took the time to take care of me - love her!!!
—Kelly December 31, 2019
I have recently started going to The Glam Room mid 2019. Honestly, I can say this is one of the best salons I've ever been too. I have gotten my hair dyed, cut and even been to the Med Spa to see Jake routinely. Jake is very knowledgeable, super kind, makes you feel comfortable and explains everything in detail. This salon is very well priced, always clean, full of SUPER nice staff and has a great feel to it. I love the rustic feel with the wood on the inside. I can't say even one negative thing about this place. I recommend every one and i mean EVERYONE to this place. I love getting the compliments and telling everyone about the glam room.
—Chanel Cox December 30, 2019
Mimi is AMAZING! I never leave disappointed and she is always making sure that I’m happy with where we’re at. It’s amazing to have a hair stylist that cares about what you think and spends as much time needed with you to make sure you’re happy!
—Kristi Alewel December 29, 2019
The glam room was good an always enjoy going there. Taylor was awesome and did a wonderful job on my hair. I will be returning for her. However the bad. I take take part responsibility for this as well, yesterday was pooring rain and so I wasn’t able to pay for the parking unless I wanted to get head to toe soaked. Hind sight I should of anyway. But my car got towed. Which sucked big time. They took my car all the way to independence and I had to not only pay for a Lyft there but also 180$ to get my car back! That whole paying for parking thing sucks. Everyone who goes to the glam room knows it’s not cheap so to pay there high prices and for parking! I can go to somewhere else for cheaper and not have to pay for parking.
—Britini Herrick December 29, 2019
Another great service by Beth. Thx
—Danny Sparks December 29, 2019
Cassandra is a genius!
—Colin Prouse December 28, 2019
I was nervous about finding a new stylist, but Maddi put that to rest! She went above and beyond, did a great job and managed her time with me so well! I left smiling ear to ear. Highly recommend!
—Sami Wells December 28, 2019
Micki did a wonderful job! My layers were blended perfectly and my hair feels very healthy. This was my first time here and I will definitely be coming back.
—Isabelle Ehlers December 28, 2019
I always go to the Glam room where you are sure to get the best hair style/cut...and treated wonderfully.
—Janet Morreale December 28, 2019
Payton did awesome! Thanks for freshening you the blonde again!
—Payton Fenner December 26, 2019
Alyssa is the best!
—Amanda Morgan December 25, 2019
The staff at Glam Room Salon are super friendly and my manicure by Aviace was super fabulous!!!
—Megan Tremblay December 20, 2019
I came in to get my hair fixed because it had lines all through it and Christian fixed it to look amazzzzingggg! No more lines and the color is perfect!
—Ashlynn Cole December 20, 2019
I love going to the Glam Room. They make you feel so welcome. I always go early to visit.
—Chari Peak December 20, 2019
—Angela Gersh December 20, 2019
Carl is one of the finest men I have ever had the priviledge to met!
—Nancy Wilson December 19, 2019
Thank you for the amazing service. Liz L is an artist! The color and cut is perfect and she always makes me feel good about myself
—Kristina Mason December 19, 2019
I had a manicure and pedicure that did not turn out as I expected, so I called to express my concerns with the salon. They immediately booked me with Mao. She did a fantastic job making my nails holiday ready. The salon is beautiful, although the parking is kind of a pain. I always try to go after work so that I can enjoy a glass of wine. I appreciate their professionalism and their willingness to right my situation.
—Erin Stubblefield December 18, 2019
I love coming to the Glam Room because every time I leave I feel new and improved! The salon is beautiful, and everyone is always so friendly. Jacob is my stylist. I absolutely adore him. He does such a wonderful job on my hair. It always turns out perfect. He is also fantastic at recommending products the salon carries to help me maintain my hair health and style until I see him at my next appointment. My hair looks and feels better than it has in a long time. Thank you!
—Ashley O'Donnell December 18, 2019
Jesse does my nails and we always have a great chat too!
—Ann LaGrange December 18, 2019
I just left another amazing appointment with Micki and would never want anyone else to touch my hair. She is the best and gives me awesome curls that last for days that I get the most compliments on! Love her!
—Sara Berry December 17, 2019
Love my new cut and color! Molly did a great job
—Tiffany Murphy December 17, 2019
Very pleased with color and style.
—Charlotte Sands December 16, 2019
Always on point in all services; hair cut, customer service, the whole package!
—LA Schwerdt December 16, 2019
I did a lot of research before settling on a new salon. Maddy has never once disappointed! She has transformed my hair into this beautiful blonde ambition I never realized I wanted. I get compliments regularly about my color and shine. I also love that I’ve only seen her 3x(once every 12 weeks) and she remembers the conversations that we had and details about me. She’s a gem and I love coming to Glam Room because of her.
—Kristen Mohler December 15, 2019
I was recommended to Anna Capra but a client of mine since I was visiting KC from out of town on a 5 month long work trip. Anna provided a quick and concise consultation. This allowed me to share some basic guidelines on what I was hoping to achieve. She provided feedback on what would/wouldn’t work and how she would achieve my end desired look. From there she provided transparent pricing and got to work. It’s clear Anna is extremely talented and constantly learning new techniques. All along with way she shared the what, how and why she was doing what she was. It was such an enjoyable experience and by far the best cut color I have had in years!
—OutOfTowner December 15, 2019
I have very curly hair. Alexis and her team know how to handle my hair. Salon owner Carl checks on his customers regularly. Love The Glam Room!
—Cindy Howell December 13, 2019
I’ve never died my hair before and I was cutting 8 inches off. They took their time and were extremely nice. It was a great experience
—Victoria Deferraris December 12, 2019
—Jennfer Selph December 12, 2019
In the nail salon queen Mao not only works to beautify hands and feet nails but also to help solve problem nails and issues. Great to be her customer
—Terry Satterlee December 12, 2019
Toni was awesome...again!
—Rod Schwass December 11, 2019
Kaitlyn did such a great job on my hair and took time to listen to what my vision was and brought it to life! Not to mention she is so personable and makes you feel really special while you are in her chair. I already have my next appointment booked!
—Evie Stanton December 11, 2019
It is always amazing when I go here!
—Mackenzie Fisk December 10, 2019
Haley has been doing my hair since she was in cosmetology school, but wow she really left me in AWE this time. The service was amazing, I left feeling beautiful and it was such a great atmosphere. I def think the 2 hrs drive is WORTH IT⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
—Stefany Ortiz December 10, 2019
Haley was so friendly and professional! I came in wanting to cut 14” and she was so encouraging and did a great job. I’ll definitely be back to see her again.
—Kylie Mank December 09, 2019
Great salon and priced lower but high quality. Its usually the opposite. Very upscale and staff are very nice. Good job to owner and all the stylists. Happy 2020!
—JoHannah Hawkins December 09, 2019
The Glam is your salon! Alexis has cut my hair for years and can still update my style while keeping my hair the way I like it - short👍
—Alexis Delaney December 08, 2019
Came in for a trim and had a great experience!
—Dawn Bonebrake December 07, 2019
Alexis is an amazing hairstylist and very kind-hearted!
—Seki Anderson December 07, 2019
The staff (all staff) from start to finish are amazing, accommodating, ans friendly. My hairdresser Toni is fantastic!
—Aly Breeze December 06, 2019
Lauren was amazing!
—Tyler DeFelice December 05, 2019
Cassandra is fantastic. This is the best haircut and salon experience I can remember. Will be back
—Tim Dobney December 04, 2019
Liz does a great job and always has a variety of suggestions.
—Angela Didde December 04, 2019
Upscale and Professional Salon stylist keep up to date with current training friendly and personable highly recommend
—Sauntira Maupins December 02, 2019
My hair looks and feels terrific. Lots of comments and word of mouth. She is very talented and I am a proud mom!
—Robin Palmer December 02, 2019
This is the best hair salon in KC. I moved here from DC a year ago and have been struggling to find a quality hair salon that isn't overpriced. Rebecca id...
—Stephanie H. December 01, 2019
Rebecca is fantastic! Every time I go in to get my hair done she makes me feel amazing. I recommend her to everyone and love when I have an appointment with her. I absolutely love the Glam Room!!!
—Daneh Lindley November 30, 2019
This was my 2nd cut, color and style with Alyssa M. She has a sweet personality but even more importantly she knows hair! She does a great job with suggestions and explaining the process. I love my hair after having her work her magic and chatting with her is a delight. I’ve recommended my mom and sister see her and they are just as happy with her skills as I am. I will be going to Alyssa from now on and you should too!
—Rebecca Pasley November 30, 2019
I took my 4 y/o son to Michael for the first time and I was beyond impressed. Michaels knowledge of hair for boys to adulthood was impressive to say the least and this gave my son the best haircut he’s ever had. Michael was also great interacting with my little guy and keeping him comfortable during his cut. I cannot recommend Michael enough and I will be back with my son.
—Rebecca Pasley November 30, 2019
I've been growing out my hair from an undercut for what seems like years now. Finally at chest length, I knew it was time to seek out a knowledge stylist...
—Robert L. November 30, 2019
Jacob--is an incredible stylist...and very personable....i absolutely know that each time i receive a wonderful experience....and hair looks great
—Allen Edwards November 28, 2019
Alexis never ceases to amaze me! I love my new hair cut and color! Walked out of The Glam Room like I was a star!
—Veda Gardner November 26, 2019
Kyonna is an exceptional stylist with phenomenal attention to detail! I always look forward to my appointments with her.
—Bria Sherraden November 26, 2019
I always feel special from the moment I step in the door. I love the atmosphere and the lovely people that fill it. I am always leaving feeling beautiful. I am sad though that the prices were increased. I was already splurging and spending outside my budget before the increase. 😓
—Anna Parker November 25, 2019
Had Lauren do The Glam Facial, feel so much better! My skin looks amazing and it’s glowing! She explained every product that she was using and why she was using it. She also recommended products that would help improve my skin as well. Was the best facial I’ve ever had, will be back as soon as possible!
—Halle November 25, 2019
Awesome experience. Toni was easy to talk to and gave me good advice on future hair care.
—Cori Anderson November 24, 2019
She is a great listener and very talented stylist. It was a very positive experience as were the other times I saw her. She was very busy but she didn’t make me feel like she was in a big hurry. I would recommend her to anyone.
—Trish Chismar November 24, 2019
Had a well overdue massage from Charay... it was awesome. She is great and I sure am looking forward to going back soon.
—Donna Kirschner November 24, 2019
Had a well overdue massage from Charay... it was awesome. She is great and I sure am looking forward to going back soon.
—Donna Kirschner November 24, 2019
Toni always does a great job with my hair! She quickly understands the type of look I’m going for without having to ask too many questions. High quality work and always professional. Stylists like her make The Glam Room a respected place to go to.
—Denise Delarosa November 24, 2019
Quick easy and I was very happy
—Danny Sparks November 23, 2019
I have been going to Cheray for many many years now and she is the best massage therapist I’ve been to in town. I work long hours and she always gets out all the many knots!
—Judy Yi November 23, 2019
He knows my hair best! I just love him!
—Angela Danley November 23, 2019
Alexis always makes me feel pretty again. She cuts my hair amazingly and gives the best service! Thank you for always doing so fantastically!! I can’t imagine getting my hair cut anywhere else!
—Heidi Hoskins November 22, 2019
Toni was awesome!
—Rod Schwass November 21, 2019
Lauren was extremely nice! It shows that she enjoys what she does and is very good at it. I’m so happy with the results of my lashes!
—Cindy Nguyen November 21, 2019
As always, my experience was very pleasant.
—Vicki Jeffers November 20, 2019
Cheray is AMAZING! If you are in need of the BEST massage with a super attentive and well trained therapist, ask for Cheray. I've been going to her for several years and I'm never disappointed.
—Sara Charlson November 20, 2019
—Hannelore Brown November 20, 2019
I love my new cut, thanks Mickie
—Lisa Ryan November 20, 2019
I always just love coming here & Alison DeCuir always does the best job of any stylist. She is just one talented & amazing lady!
—Emily Noland November 19, 2019
I came in with really dry hair- Maddy recommended a repairing mask and a repairing serum- gave me a great cut and my hair already feels so much softer.
—Michelle Sullivan November 19, 2019
What a great experience. My hair looks better than ever. Thank you!!!
—Lana Stenner November 19, 2019
Jacob did a fantastic job, as usual!
—Alyssa Sediqzad November 16, 2019
Some guys just want to get a cut and conversation and get back home so they can mow the yard. This might not be the place, although it could happen, but I love going there for the professionalism that you might not get elsewhere. The Attention to detail that the stylist have to each individual is very comforting. You don't feel like your just someone that is in for a cut it color. The owner, Karl, is driven to make your experience at the Glam Room very smooth and memorable and wanting to come back. I would recommend this Highly Rated Salon to all my friends and family. On a side note, Alexis is fantastic with men's cut and style. Enjoy!
—Patrick Gant November 16, 2019
Madalyn rocks. I have jumped around from hairdresser to hairdresser trying to find someone who made me LOVE my hair every single time. I had never dyed my hair so I was nervous the first time she dyed it for me, but she did a blonde balayage and it was even better than my expectations. I plan I’m having her as my go-to hair girl for as long as I live in KC!!!
—Shannon McCaul November 15, 2019
As usual, Cheray's massage was awesome! And the CBD oil was a fantastic enhancement!🙂
—Judy Fields November 15, 2019
I’ve visited the Glam Room many times as a representative of a skincare line. Today was my first time as an actual client and I was thrilled with my service with Michael! Probably the best haircut I’ve ever had. There was so much attention to detail and the staff was helpful and accommodating otherwise! Great experience as a rep and now as a client!
—Kevin Breazeale November 13, 2019
I have been going to Alexis for several years and she is absolutely the best. I have very curly hair (frizzy without product) and she knows just how to cut it. She really listens to what you want but also will make suggestions when I need input and her professional opinion. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
—Cindy Howell November 13, 2019
It was fantastic start to finish! Definitely going back!
—Claire Dodge November 13, 2019
Great experience! Would highly recommend Glam Room. Ryleigh Wilshire gave me a facial. Will definitely be going back!
—Vickie Harris November 11, 2019
It had been 4 weeks since she first did my nails! And again it was a wonderful experience! Not only does she do a great job, but is delightful to talk to! Bravo
—Ann LaGrange November 10, 2019
Always greeted with a smile and asked what I would like to drink. I am heard by my stylist. Cassandra is absolutely the sweetest and is SO caring. My hair feels amazing and looks great when I walk out and my confidence is boosted!
—Elizabeth Jost November 09, 2019
I moved to Kansas City a few months ago and was incredibly anxious about finding a new hair stylist as well as a new nail technician. After hours of research, a lot of phone calls to friends and family, and one bad hair cut I finally found my new salon home at The Glam Room. I fell in love with the area, the space, the services, the products, and mostly my stylist and nail tech. I 100% recommend it! You truly get the best bang for your buck!
—Mackenzie Fisk November 09, 2019
First time customer. Loved the salon and the stylists. Took plenty of time to find out what I wanted and what would work for me. Everything was A+
—Sara Fitts November 08, 2019
I’ll definitely be back. 1st appointments are always a learning experience, but we really hit it off and she did a great job. We have some cut issues to tweak, but it’s ok. My hair grows fast and for some reason everyone cuts my hair too short. I’ll be more specific next time. I’m one to sit in the chair and “trust”. I’m now a “copper autumn red” where I’ve always been in the blond family of color.
—Sherri Rosenstangle November 07, 2019
This was my first time at The Glam Room. My stylist, Alison, and her assistant, Jessica, were both amazing. I wanted full highlights and a trim and they did a fantastic job. Alison was informative and listened to my hair needs and concerns. They were friendly and attentive and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.
—Misty Held November 07, 2019
Kaitlyn Eubanks did a phenomenal job ! Will be back to see her and bring my daughter❤️🤗
—Jennfer Selph November 06, 2019
Alyssa was kind, attentive, patient and fab at her job! Very happy with the result and knowing I found a solid salon coming to a new city.
—Samantha Timpe November 06, 2019
I look forward to coming to the Glam Room. The ladies at the front desks are always cheerful & helpful. My massages with Cheray are beneficial to my health. Cheray is very professional, encouraging & highly skilled in her massage techniques. My health is improving & my resolve to keep working is strengthened through Cheray’s work.
—Stephanie Chychota November 06, 2019
—Lauren Kuehl November 04, 2019
—Lauren Kuehl November 04, 2019
Alison is an absolute artist!
—Amy Hand November 04, 2019
The amazing duo of Angelica and Alexis once again sent me home feeling pampered and pretty. Angelica takes great care of my skin and brows/lashes. She listens carefully to my preferences about products. Alexis indulged my desire to take the plunge to make my short hair even shorter, based on a photo a stranger on the streetcar let me take of her haircut. It turned out great. She suggested a wx-based product to help make the style even more fun and "piecey". Thanks to both of them for continued wonderful services!
—Christine Davidson November 01, 2019
Alison is wonderful! Beautiful hair every my highlights, low lights, and overall color. No gray! Yay! Cut is perfect every time! Her assistant gave me an awesome wash, massage and masque. Thank you girls!
—Joni Graff October 31, 2019
I've been going to Glam Room for about 2 years now, and I'm never disappointing. Not only is Maddelyn Stenner an amazing stylist, but she's a great person and my hair appointments feel like I'm hanging out with a friend.
—Alexandra Dorton October 29, 2019
I recently had my first hair cut and color with Kelsey and she is fantastic. My hair had some color issues and she sorted them right out and my hair looks better than it has in a couple years. I am seriously so happy I found her. The Glam Room is also a very cool, cute place. It has a good vibe and nice people working there.
—Audrey Degrandpre October 28, 2019
I called last minute from Bloomfield Hills Michigan to get an appointment for hair and makeup. I was in town for a wedding. The entire Team at The Glam Room was so great. Cassandra ( I called her Betty Boop) saw me for hair and makeup and not only did I have a great time but I looked fabulous! I felt beautiful! Thank you Team Glam , you made my day! Glam Gal Forever, Julie Fattore LYLAS to Cassandra :)
—Julie Fattore October 28, 2019
This was my first visit to The Glam Room. I was thoroughly impressed by the staff and appearance. It was clean, well decorated and everyone was very accommodating. My stylist Michael is truly an artist at his craft. He took his time listening to my ideas for a style and helped explain and suggest other ideas with his vast knowledge throughout the process. The result was an amazing hairstyle that I have been searching to find for awhile. He succeeded in providing just that vision. I’ll definitely be going back and referring others to give them a visit. It’s totally worth it. Thanks!!
—Dallas Uhrich October 27, 2019
I came in town and needed a mani pedi. They were very personable and professional! I will come back here anytime I am in KC!
—Mary Wilson October 27, 2019
I always receive a ton of compliments after leaving The Glam Room. Jacob Rau is the best!
—Alison Evans October 26, 2019
Thanks Cass for a new “do” by you! The Color is so much better & the cut is spot on ‘EASY’ for this lazy hair girl..., I appreciate the fact that you listen so well and execute such professional results every time I come in to see you! Needless to say I highly recommend her to anyone in the Kansas City metro area looking for a reputable & trendy stylist. She’s got over 10 years experience & is a certified Revlon color expert. She is a true artist that’s for sure and you’ll find her at the Glam Room near 3rd & Delaware in the historic River market neighborhood. Tell her Jennifer sent ya’!
—Jennifer Coolidge October 25, 2019
Micki always does such a great job! Love going to the Glam Room and love how my hair looks!
—Lindsey Meyers October 25, 2019
Amazing my skin is totally different! And beautiful!!!
—Chelsea Whaley October 25, 2019
Wonderful experience at the glam room! Kelsi did an amazing job at achieving the color I wanted. When checking out the women was so kinda and even helped me find my coupons for a discount. Will certainly come back and recommend my friends to the glam room.
—Molly Lawrence October 25, 2019
—Spandana Vemulapalli October 23, 2019
I have been there 5 times now and very impressed! The entire staff is very inviting and courteous! I love my stylist and the way she does my hair. Top notch salon!!!
—Aly Breeze October 23, 2019
—Kayla Schaudt October 22, 2019
I’ve seen Tony 2 times so far and I’m so in love with how my hair looks and feels afterwards. I happened upon this place when I moved to the area and had a “I need to cut my hair off NOW” moment and Tony was available. She took the time to chat with me before getting started and helped put into words exactly what I wanted with my cut and color. It’s more on the pricey side from what I’m used to, but SO worth it! She’s attentive, picks up on your vibes and moods and rolls with how you’re feeling in her chair while she makes magic. My hair hasn’t been this healthy in a long time. The recommendations on products and little extra treatments aren’t just the up-sell of the week - she’s well trained and knowledgeable with what my particular needs are and her suggestions have definitely paid off. Can’t wait for my next appointment!
—Jessica Pedraza October 22, 2019
I’ve seen Tony 2 times so far and I’m so in love with how my hair looks and feels afterwards. I happened upon this place when I moved to the area and had a “I need to cut my hair off NOW” moment and Tony was available. She took the time to chat with me before getting started and helped put into words exactly what I wanted with my cut and color. It’s more on the pricey side from what I’m used to, but SO worth it! She’s attentive, picks up on your vibes and moods and rolls with how you’re feeling in her chair while she makes magic. My hair hasn’t been this healthy in a long time. The recommendations on products and little extra treatments aren’t just the up-sell of the week - she’s well trained and knowledgeable with what my particular needs are and her suggestions have definitely paid off. Can’t wait for my next appointment!
—Jessica Pedraza October 22, 2019
Literally just leaving the Glam Room after getting a gel manicure by Jessi. She was amazing! She was friendly and I felt very comfortable! She did a wonderful job on my nails! She was gentle and used clean utensils. Everyone was very nice and welcoming!! I will be back for sure!!
—Mishawn October 22, 2019
I'm new to the KC area and Kelsi was recommended to me by a friend. Kelsi did not disappoint....she really listened to what I wanted, my concerns and took her time as she was coloring/cutting my hair. The ladies at the front desk were very friendly and welcoming also! I will definitely go back to The Glam Room and to Kelsi!
—Sherri Flippin October 22, 2019
I usually don't think going to the salon is a pleasant experience. I rarely feel pampered and stylists sometimes make me feel more like a burden because I have long and thick hair. That was NOT the case at the Glam room! My stylist Charissa was so nice and great to talk to. She made me feel very pampered and the experience was spa-like. I will definitely be a returning customer
—Rachel Schisler October 20, 2019
I have seen Tony now twice for a balayage and she has met my needs every time. I love the shampoo stations and I love the overall atmosphere. Highly recommend!
—Leslye Fleming October 19, 2019
I have seen Tony now twice for a balayage and she has met my needs every time. I love the shampoo stations and I love the overall atmosphere. Highly recommend!
—Leslye Fleming October 19, 2019
Anna did a great job! I am picky about my trims and she did everything I asked and more. I felt leaving really good about how she reshaped my hair and freshened things up!
—Tresa Carter October 19, 2019
Cassandra is the best thing that's ever happened to my hair! She always exceeds my expectations. I absolutely love her and The Glam Room!
—Adrienne Lewis October 18, 2019
i’ve gotten my hair done quite a few times and i’ve never specifically LOVED it. i always went from salon to salon to find the right stylist, or the right atmosphere. I FINALLY FOUND IT! i went in today with my mom and younger sister and our stylist was Toni and she was AMAZING! we got to talking about how life changing hair styling can be and we all actually cried together talking about how it can change your life. i will always come back to Toni & The Glam Room! thank you so much for our experience today! 💖
—Shayna Manning October 18, 2019
Cheray could really find tight muscles that I did not think were that bad. She is very attentive and helped me tremendously.
—Deb Nicholsen October 18, 2019
I always enjoy visiting with Cass B. while she does my hair. She is wonderful to work with and always makes my hair look great. The desk staff is helpful and kind.
—Leah Kunzler October 18, 2019
I am always so impressed with the Glam Room everytime I have an appointment I am never disappointed. Allison is so wonderful and such an artist.
—Mary Sullivan October 17, 2019
Jessie is by far the greatest nail tech I have ever had! She is detailed, thorough, and makes sure to work with me on what I want (even if I'm a pain in the butt). Not only is she talented with her work, but she is a wonderful person who I enjoy conversing with each time I'm in the chair. The whole Glam Room staff is wonderful ♥ Thank you all!
—Christina Taylor October 17, 2019
Everyone is friendly; Jacob is caring, and very professional. Facility always looks great.
—Allen Edwards October 17, 2019
I'm fortunate to have found Micki, who graciously turns my frump into fantastic at every visit. She's got a great eye for color and cut.
—Lysa Byous October 15, 2019
I very much enjoyed my experience at The Glam Room! Everyone was welcoming and the hair stylist took time to get to know my hair in order to use the best products. I already booked my second appointment!
—Micaela Falke October 15, 2019
I moved to KC in July and was worried about finding a stylist... Anna is so great and we have set up a plan for my style leading to my wedding. Pricing is reasonable and they are so professional!
—Salley Gillespie October 14, 2019
—Anna Grundyson October 14, 2019
I went to the Glam Room to get my hair and makeup done for family photos. There was a bit of a hiccup at first because after checking in, something didn't go through, so I ended up waiting 15 minutes past my appt time to get started. However, the stylists definitely made up for it. Micki did my hair and Maddy did my makeup and they were both wonderful. They were professional, nice, and did an amazing job. My hair and makeup stayed perfectly throughout the day and I just wish I lived closer so I could go back more often. I'll definitely be returning if I ever get photos done again :)
—Casey Benner October 14, 2019
Today was my first time to the Glam room. I must say, it was a great experience. I received a corrective facial and a glycolic/lactic acid gel peel. Beth and I discussed my skin and I let her decide what would be best for me at this time. Beth was very knowledgeable about the products, services and answered all of my questions and concerns. She took her time and explained each step of the service. I left there with my skin glowing, so relaxed and not any redness whatsoever. I suffer with sinusitis and with this facial, she relieved the pressure in my forehead and under my eyes. It was amazing!!!! I would highly recommend Beth for any type of facial services. PS. Plus she has a great caring personality.
—Beth October 13, 2019
I am in love with the Glam Room! I had a facial done with Angelica and it was just what I needed! She was very good at explaining my skin's needs so I can continue good skincare at home too.
—Veronica Gervais October 13, 2019
I love the Glam room! Got my nails done by Mao and she is amazing! I havent stopped receiving compliments about my nails-- I'll definitely be back :)
—Veronica Gervais October 13, 2019
Beth was great! Very quick but never rushed. Plus a great person to talk to.
—Danny Sparks October 13, 2019
Awesome! He is so talented!
—Angela Danley October 11, 2019
—Seki Anderson October 11, 2019
Jess was awesome - my nails look great. I’ll definitely be back!
—Kim Baldwin October 10, 2019
—Elizabeth Davis October 10, 2019
I absolutely love coming here. Christian is kind, welcoming and always has great ideas. She makes me feel special and I always leave feeling refreshed!
—Anna Starks October 10, 2019
I chose this salon because it was nearest to me and decided to give it a shot. So glad I did! Angela is awesome and I look forward to going back soon :)
—Kristina Hernandez October 10, 2019
Everytime I come see Toni I leave feeling so pleased & confident. Toni listens to what I want & understands my concerns well. She goes above & beyond to explain everything she's doing to my hair. I'm so glad I found her @ The Glam Room!
—Erin Keiser October 10, 2019
Meghan is AWESOME!!!!!
—Mollee Flores October 10, 2019
This was my first appointment at The Glam Room, I will definitely be coming back! Holly was fabulous.
—Denise Jasinski October 10, 2019
I love Allison. I always look forward to seeing her. She's not just an artist with my hair, she makes me and members of my family feel welcome. I'm excited to bring my daughters in for their haircuts because I know they are going to enjoy the experience AND the outcome as much as I do.
—Stephanie Klein October 09, 2019
A wonderful guy that I trust with my hair, always does a great job, and keeps me looking fabulous! So happy I found this place!
—Scott Frost October 09, 2019
The ladies at check in were nice and friendly. I was not impressed by my service. It was my first time with my cosmetologist but my friend referred her to me. She didn’t ever try to have any conversation with me unless it was about buying product. She cut medium-length bangs on me which I didn’t ask for and she was rough and pulled my hair a lot and it was an uncomfortable experience since I am slightly tender headed. As a professional, she should have asked. I went in for a trim and was hoping it would be cut like my hair already was and it was not. The layers are much shorter and don’t lay like I wish they would.
—Lydia Lynch October 09, 2019
First impressions are so important in any business.... The Glam Room is the place!!! Everyone is friendly and professional and respectful all at the same time! Great atmosphere! Thank you 😊
—Kelly Henderson October 09, 2019
I went in for my first experience at the Glam Room today and hadn't had my hair cut in some time. It was definitely in need of some care, and Kyonna was great about listening to what I wanted and how I typically style my hair. I left feeling great about my style, her expertise, and the Glam Room in general. Will for sure be coming back!
—Charlie Upchurch October 08, 2019
The Glam Room was awesome! Everyone was so kind and the environment was so welcoming and fun. Kyonna did a fantastic job on my haircut and color. She was very precise and easy to work with.
—Hayley Lange October 08, 2019
Angela is the BEST!!!
—Nalon Johnson October 08, 2019
Anna is incredible! She is so good with blonde hair and so kind and honest. I will go back to her forever!
—Lindsey Thompson October 08, 2019
Alyssa is amazing!!! I get so many compliments when she does my hair! She listens to what I’m wanting and she gives me options on what I want to do. No negativity like I’ve gotten in the past at other hair salons. Not only that but she always has a smile on her face.:)
—Robyn Bechthold October 06, 2019
The salon environment was beautiful, welcoming and professional. This was my first time in and I picked a stylist based on appointment time. She did a wonderful job and she was really sweet. I probably cut 10 inches off my hair and she was kind enough to leave it a little long and then go back and trim it a little shorter. Not one piece of hair was out of place and she did a perfect haircut.
—Katie Folsom October 05, 2019
Loved it! Angelica knows what she is doing and is so sweet and explained every step to me and gave me some amazing recommendations! As far as I'm concerned I'm ready to move just so I can do more facials here!
—Isabela Caulkins October 04, 2019
I was greeted by a lovely woman who off the bat offered me something to drink along with a booklet of coupons to use in the future. She seated me and then showed me all the “deals” they had going. Informative but not pushy. Cassy, my stylist, was prompt and paid attention to what I wanted. She looked at my pictures and she personalized it to my hair. She was personable and also gave me space. The salon was clean, friendly, and well lit. The shampoo room was relaxing and dim with comfortable shampoo chairs. The music was varied and at a reasonable volume. I felt well taken care of and valued as a new and potential long term customer. Cassy showed me the products she used on my hair, again, informative, not pushy. I made a follow up appointment as a result of my experience and results with my hair. I look forward to trying out their nail and massage services. It would be delightful to have a place so close to where I live. I am very happy with my hair and while it was expensive, it was within market range.
—Carissa Dixon October 04, 2019
Jess is always fabulous. She does a great job and makes me laugh too. A true win:win.
—Liz Allen October 04, 2019
My first time I booked online. When I showed up for my appointment they didn’t have me on the schedule. I was concerned because I had scheduled for a full foil and cut. They immediately paired me with Alysa who after listening to my confusing jumble about what I wanted made a plan. My hair turned out perfectly and was exactly what I wanted! The experience was pleasant and relaxing and didn’t take a million years either. This will be my go to place from now on.
—Mary Dangler October 03, 2019
Angela is kind and does a very good job. The front desk is quick checking in/out.
—Robin Miller October 03, 2019
I let Hollie decided what to do to my hair and she did not disappoint! I've gotten so many compliments and although it was a big change, it still feels like me. Would recommend 100%
—Aspen Cherrito October 02, 2019
Love the spa area and Cheray is AMAZING! Best deep tissue, therapeutic massage ever.
—Sara Charlson October 02, 2019
I love my every 21 day overall color appointments with Louie!
—Elizabeth Austin September 30, 2019
Micki always does a great job with my hair color! I always look forward to my appointments!
—Lindsey Meyers September 29, 2019
Everything was fantastic! Salon is lovely, everyone who greeted me was super friendly. My manicurist Avi'ance was super, I think I got the best manicure I've ever had!
—Aimee Scott September 28, 2019
Alexis and her assistants are the best. Color experts and do an outstanding job with curly hair. Wouldn’t go any where else!
—Cindy Howell September 28, 2019
So happy with my hair. Liz is wonderful. Live that she focuses on my hair only during my appointment.
—Charlotte Sands September 27, 2019
Alexis is so amazing and talented! She always does a wonderful job with my cut and color! Thank you Alexis! I always am excited to get to The Glam Room so Alexis can do her magic and bring some glam to my life! 🥰
—Heidi Hoskins September 27, 2019
—Maricruz Gonzales September 27, 2019
Every time I visit, I am amazed at how great I feel when I leave. I feel like all the stylists really listen to what you want and work with you to achieve the desired results.
—Maggie Mcmichael September 27, 2019
I was in desperate need of a hair cut due to a haircut fail. Jacob saved the day! He has been doing my hair for almost 9 years. I didn't go to him for a yr but now I am back! Love Jacob because he is magical!
—Angela Danley September 27, 2019
—Kerry Ramirez September 26, 2019
Alyssa has been my stylist/savior for a year. I can't thank her enough for transforming my overprocessed (911) mess to my now healthy highlighted hair! I appreciate all you have done, absolutely love it❣
—Angela Lembke September 26, 2019
Angelica did the best job on my lashes. They are beautiful and she walked me through each step as she was doing it. She is the BEST!!!
—Samantha Jenkins September 25, 2019
Hollie was fantastic! She was extremely knowledgeable and knew just how to get my golden blonde a new lift to icy blonde! Would 10 out of 10 recommend Hollie!
—Heather Bilbrey September 25, 2019
Angelica always takes such good care of me and my face always feels incredible when she's finished. I appreciate her guidance in buying the right products for my skin type. Between the great mini-facial, eyelash/eyebrow tinting and Alexis's wonderful hair cut, I left looking as good as it's going to get.
—Christine Davidson September 25, 2019
This is the best haircut I think I have ever gotten! Toni is awesome!
—Katrina Ehlers September 25, 2019
Thanks for taking care of me, Kyonna!
—Kealan Schroeder September 25, 2019
Kelsi was fabuluous--as always. My hair is the healthiest it's ever been, thanks to her advice, recommended products, and fantastic cuts. Despite my lack of knowledge regarding what exactly I want my color/highlights to look like, she always nails it.
—Brooke Larson September 24, 2019
Anna did such a great job as always! She’s always ready to listen to what I want and then executes it perfectly!
—Alaina Rickard September 22, 2019
Upscale Salon and spa with all the amintities. Professional and friendly stylist with the latest up to date classics and trends. Spa atmosphere. Very knowledgeable and well trained with wisdom are able to apply it.
—Sauntira Maupins September 22, 2019
I drove 2 hours with high expectations to this salon and was not let down one bit!! Beautiful atmosphere and just all around awesome experience. Payton made me the happiest I've ever been in the last 4 years getting my hair done in Kansas. Definitely coming back every time I need my blonde touched up!!!
—Allie Chechak September 22, 2019
Liz Bean was wonderful and attentive and such a sweet person. She is also so talented at coloring and style. What a gift! What a gift to me to leave feeling uplifted and confident with my new look. She listened and made sure she understood and also gave guidance and recommendations. Loved my afternoon!
—Michelle Pekarsky September 21, 2019
Wow. This is the best salon spa experience I've ever had. GLAM surrounds you with the sight, sounds, feelings of extraordinary service, attention and pampering. I have already scheduled my next appointment! Liz B., my.cut and color expert worked a miracle! My hair looks great.
—Ann Alexander September 21, 2019
I have been going to the Glam Room for almost a year to get my nails done by Jessie and she never lets me down! She is funny, always on time and an excellent nail technician!
—Nicole Fooks September 20, 2019
I have been going to the Glam Room for almost a year to get my nails done by Jessie and she never lets me down! She is funny, always on time and an excellent nail technician!
—Nicole Fooks September 20, 2019
Jacob is a true professional, great haircut and fantastic beard trim! I will definitely go back!
—Greg Marquis September 19, 2019
She listens. She makes recommendations. She delivers great results!
—Deborah Murphy September 19, 2019
—Michelle Robbins September 19, 2019
Alexis and Mimi were wonderful. Alexis took such care and time to ask me what type of service and style I was looking for. The color style and cut turned out perfect and beautiful, exactly what I was looking for!
—Shelley Castleberry September 19, 2019
Another great experience with Liz! Her friendliness, professionalism and expertise is what keeps me coming back!
—Scott Rodgers September 18, 2019
Cheray is great! I've been having issues with my foot due to an old sprain and she really helped relieve the pain and gave me advice on what to use for pain relief at home. She is so very passionate about massage therapy and this is made very clear in the work she does!
—Karrah Wood September 18, 2019
Liz is great. Listens to me and delivers what I need. Staff is warm and welcoming and the place is inviting.
—Angela Didde September 18, 2019
I’ve always been self conscious about my appearance. Now every time I look in the mirror I can’t help but stare because they’ve made me feel beautiful again. Thank you so much <3
—McKinley Callin September 15, 2019
I was able to get an appt at the last minute and i received the results i wanted! Beth was extremely nice and I plan to make another appt soon!
—Beth Young September 15, 2019
I'm not one for pampering, but decided to splurge. Not only did Tony do a fabulous job rejuvenating my horrible gardening claws with a terrific manicure, his sweet spirit and attention to detail convinced me to come back for more. I'm getting a massage y'all, cuz turns out, I like getting glammed!
—Ann Miller September 14, 2019
Just had my first haircut and will definitely be back! Terrific service and super knowledgeable staff.
—Anne Hinson September 14, 2019
This was my first time visiting the Glam Room and Anna did an amazing job on my hair. The place is so neat and cute and everyone is very welcoming.
—Micah Ward September 14, 2019
I came to see Madalyn S. for the first time after a horrible experience with another stylist! She not only sat down with me to explain the process to fix my hair, but made me feel comfortable and welcomed the moment she greeted me! I’ve been in a couple of times since then and every time I feel like I’m putting my hair in the hands of someone who knows exactly what they are doing, as well as someone who continues to treat me like a friend! The Glam Room in itself is amazing, but I will be coming back for Madalyn to do my hair for years to come!
—Megan Draper September 13, 2019
My first experience at The Glam Room getting my eyebrows done was so great that I booked a salon service the following week. I felt relaxed, pampered, and all my requests were met! Micki did a wonderful job on my Balayage and cut, she listened to exactly what I wanted and I love the results! Will definitely be returning to the Glam Room for all my salon needs! Everyone is so friendly and the environment is adorable. Highly suggest going checking them out!
—Kourtney Corder September 13, 2019
—Kim Davis September 12, 2019
I like my hair short and have always had a hard time finding a stylist who doesn't insist I end up looking like Liza Minelli or the Kardashian mom. That has never happened at the Glam Room! I am always able to find a last-minute appointment (I never plan ahead, I just get the urge and go) and I always leave loving my haircut. Cassandra gave me a super cute, funky and sexy short haircut that I just LOVE! I told her what I didn't want and asked her to do what she felt looked best and she was AMAZING! And darling and funny...totally recommend.
—Sheila Vemmer September 12, 2019
Alison is the Best. She is great to work with and so helpful.
—Sondra Todd September 12, 2019
Outstanding service and atmosphere!
—Aly Breeze September 12, 2019
Toni, who specializes in men’s cuts, did an AMAZING job. His attention to detail was unmatched with all the other stylists I’ve been with. Highly recommended.
—Ben Soeter September 11, 2019
Toni, who specializes in men’s cuts, did an AMAZING job. His attention to detail was unmatched with all the other stylists I’ve been with. Highly recommended.
—Ben Soeter September 11, 2019
Kassandra was amazing! She filled in for Molly and she was absolutely wonderful! My hair looked so good when I left and she was so fun to talk w/while I was there. I got the GK smoothing treatment about 3 months ago, so I went back for the deep conditioning treatment. My hair is so soft and shiny! The Glam Room is truly your "one stop shop" for a full day of pampering and beauty!
—Dawn Coleman September 11, 2019
I love everything about the Glam Room. The staff are always friendly; water and wine while you wait; the dim lights in the shampoo room makes for a relaxing experience; and Kelsey cuts my hair just how I like it every time!
—Amanda Sontag August 26, 2019
Katelyn was amazing! She did such an incredible job on my daughters hair. My daughter is 10 and she's wanted her hair cut short for quite a while, but I had such a difficult time giving in because her hair is so thick, so the shorter it is, the harder it is to style. Katelyn cut off 12 inches and the style turned out to be super cute and super easy to do.
—Dawn Coleman August 25, 2019
Kelsi did my hair last night and it turned out fabulous as always! I always leave feeling like a million bucks! I also took advantage of the gel polish offer in the welcome package! She did a great job...they look beautiful! I would say that that offer wasn’t super clear. I thought that it was a complimentary offer with my service and that I could choose between it and a brow service or conditioning treatment. When checking out, I was charged $22 more for the nail service bc they said that it only discounted a certain amount off the service. After I paid, I expressed my concern as I was a little confused and another front desk attendant said that it is confusing and that she would add a $25 gift card to my account. I really appreciate her understanding and making the situation better:)! Maybe consider rewording the offer? Thanks for another great experience!
—Beth Ponnath August 24, 2019
Kelsi did my hair last night and it turned out fabulous as always! I always leave feeling like a million bucks! I also took advantage of the gel polish offer in the welcome package! She did a great job...they look beautiful! I would say that that offer wasn’t super clear. I thought that it was a complimentary offer with my service and that I could choose between it and a brow service or conditioning treatment. When checking out, I was charged $22 more for the nail service bc they said that it only discounted a certain amount off the service. After I paid, I expressed my concern as I was a little confused and another front desk attendant said that it is confusing and that she would add a $25 gift card to my account. I really appreciate her understanding and making the situation better:)! Maybe consider rewording the offer? Thanks for another great experience!
—Beth Ponnath August 24, 2019
Very professional yet personably. Enjoy the time. Even coming back today to see Tony!!
—Terry Satterlee August 24, 2019
Been coming to Glam Room for a few years now and Payton gets exactly the cut, style and color right on point, if not better than expected every time. I love catching up with her each time I go, and always know I’m getting the best service possible as soon as I step through the doors. Will continue to recommend her and Glam Room to any of my friends looking for a new go-to. Can’t wait ‘til next time!!!
—Janee Sryniawski August 24, 2019
—Elysia Carrillo August 23, 2019
If you want your eyebrows done the right way, make sure you go to The Glam Room. I love going to Miss Mai Lee. She’s always making sure your eyebrows are coming out right. Love love love this place ❤️❤️
—Marye Martin August 23, 2019
I drive an hour and a half to get my nails and pedicures done by Maoggie, that is how fabulous she is!!! I have never had my nails and feet lookand feel this good!! This is the place to feel pampered and Loved!!!
—Jennifer Akers August 22, 2019
From the moment I arrived, I felt pampered and special, which is what a spa experience should be all about. Angela, who provided my facial, was professional, friendly and did a great job. She suggested products at the end for me but was not pushy at all. Overall, I really nice experience.
—Jen Augustine August 22, 2019
Love my high lights Love my color Love my new style!!!!! Thank you Jacob. I’m getting lots of compliments on my new do.
—Sue Cordell August 22, 2019
—Lindsay Phillips August 22, 2019
Both my service providers continue to make my every six week visits a pleasure. While Alexis has been my go-to stylist ever since the Glam Room opened, I have only been seeing Agelica for facials for about 4 months. She takes excellent care of my skin and has helped me improve my daily skin regime with product suggestions. Recently she started tinting my brows and lashes. I love the new look!
—Christine Davidson August 21, 2019
Absolutely loved my facial today!! I left feeling refreshed and very happy I came here!
—Caitlin Ricker August 20, 2019
I needed a last minute haircut and was referred to this salon by my brother. He suggested the stylist Toni and she was fantastic. She was pleasant to talk to and gave careful attention to the haircut. I’d definitely return for another cut in a heartbeat. From start to finish I had a great experience.
—Dan Dyer August 20, 2019
—Scott Rodgers August 19, 2019
Jacob worked very hair to lighten my hair to a platinum level. However, portions of my hair did not take to the bleach or the toner. My hair is absolutely platinum on the ends, but mid-shaft and up it is still a darker blonde. He mixed up several different timers to try and combat the warmth and when he blew it out it was hard to discern the true color because there was so much toner. But, after a few washes it’s not at all what I was hoping for.
—Lauren Murphy August 19, 2019
Very sociable staff with dedication for customer satisfaction.
—John Ma August 18, 2019
Jacob never disappoints. I had so many compliments on my new cut and color.
—Alison Evans August 18, 2019
Angelica is a skincare fairy godmother that has transformed my skin from dull to glowy smooth flawless magic!! She talks me through everything she’s doing to my skin and the benefits of each product so I know what’s going on. Every time I walk out of a treatment with her I feel so relaxed and confident and my skin looks and feels ridiculously good!! That’s my GIRL!
—Emily Templeton August 16, 2019
Cherey is the Best! She is one of the best Massage Therapist I've ever had work on me. She really gets in there to help with muscle relief and mobility. She works so hard. She's not afraid to really lean in and get into some of the deep tissue Excellent!
—Kaysee Clark August 14, 2019
Cherey is the Best! She is one of the best Massage Therapist I've ever had work on me. She really gets in there to help with muscle relief and mobility. She works so hard. She's not afraid to really lean in and get into some of the deep tissue Excellent!
—Kaysee Clark August 14, 2019
Louie took good care of my hair after a 200 dollar failed disaster from another salon
—Stacey Landis August 14, 2019
First visit to this salon and what a pleasant experience. Kelsey was my stylist - very attentive to details and making sure she knew what I was expecting. Had a cut and color done - both were perfect. Really nice space, good service, good pricing, and made my next two future appointments!
—Robin Broughton August 13, 2019
Coming from NYC, The GLAM Room is the place to get Glamorous! And Alexis is your gal to do it during the week!
—Janet Morreale August 13, 2019
Amazing treatment! I used to receive the Brazilian smoothing treatment (until it was discontinued due to use of formaldehyde!) This new -much more gentle- method is outstanding. Less than 2 hours to place and it lasts 6 months!! Very happy I trusted the Glam room team with it. They are true professionals and they are nice! A very good value as well. I highly recommend their services (and cool location in the River Market).
—Marianne Ray August 13, 2019
5 stars to Jacob Rau
—Susie Leeper August 11, 2019
Megan is the best. Great personality. Knows her stuff. A true artist!
—Dennis Dunavant August 11, 2019
I had my hair and makeup done for my wedding day. I couldn’t have been happier!! I felt like a million bucks walking out that door! Thanks ladies for making my day perfect!
—Saundra French August 10, 2019
Allison and her assistant, Jessica, go above and beyond to understand their client's needs and answer all questions before implementing their "magic" when creating the best hair colors and styles. Pressure to buy additional product is non-existent; although they will always give you professional suggestions to fit your needs.
—Penny Monetti August 10, 2019
Although my visit was mainly a consultation, Cass is a very friendly and knowledgeable person in her field. She also took the extra mile to schedule a session on her off day for an event. Very caring and flexible employee.
—John Ma August 10, 2019
—John Ma August 09, 2019
Angelica was very professional, knowledgeable and sweet. She took her time and did a great job to make sure I was comfortable and that everything was positioned perfectly. I would definitely come back to see her again!
—Carrie Hinote August 09, 2019
Everyone, especially Carl is just the best! The facility is always clean, with the most up to date products and equipment. Professional, friendly and they listen to the client. I would highly recommend the Glam Room!
—Kelly Coots August 09, 2019
I love this place; I go to Toni, who is extremely talented- yesterday she gave me the best haircut and highlights I've ever had!
—Casey Engel August 09, 2019
Michael knows how to cut short hair for sure, but the mindful way he goes about it, it’s like watching a painter. He actually watches where the hair falls, knowing exactly how much to cut. Michael creates an experience He does an actual shave on my neck with a then neck massage, then to the shampoo bowl for a zenful scalp and head massage. He’s incredible!! Thank you, Michael for making my day:) Audrea
—Audrea Laquet August 08, 2019
Awesome on every level!! Professional, courteous, highly skilled and genuine. I could go on. Love everything about the Glam Room, and LOVE LOVE my Jacob ❤
—Mary McCluskey August 08, 2019
Molly is an incredible stylist! She did the GK treatment on my hair about 6 weeks ago, and today I got a follow up trim and deep conditioning. My hair is in better shape than it’s been in years! All the ladies are so friendly and helpful, it’s always nice walking through the front door of this place!
—Dawn Coleman August 07, 2019
Love my cut and color! I loved the whole experience! I will be coming back! Thank you!
—Melissa Hoy August 06, 2019
First timer, had a stellar time. Will come back!
—Kathleen Bryant August 06, 2019
Alexis does magic to short hair
—Seki Anderson August 06, 2019
Had such a wonderful experience for my first cut and color at the Glam Room! I highly recommend!
—Dell Ann August 05, 2019
I visit The Glam Room at least once every three weeks, often more. Louie is the absolute best colorist ever, and staff are always kind and courteous. It's refreshing to enjoy an afternoon facial and other services The Gym Room has to offer. Thank you for being amazing Glam Room!
—Elizabeth Austin August 05, 2019
Always a joy to arrive at the glam with staff that are so kind !
—Willie Monarez August 05, 2019
Asher always does my hair perfectly, i highly recommend him! This salon is beautiful and everyone is very friendly.
—Kaley Jeffries August 04, 2019
Today was my first time at The Glam Room and I loved it! Louis was very helpful, gave me his ideas for what I wanted, and did a fantastic job. Definitely will be going back for my next haircut!
—Jordyn Hoskins August 04, 2019
Today was my first visit to The Glam Room. Toni was my stylist. I totally enjoyed my experience today. I went to the The Glam Room hoping to get a more updated look. I needed color on my hair and a good haircut. Toni and I visited and formed a game plan. Toni really did a great job cutting my hair, which isn't always easy because of the natural curl. I really like the color she chose and the glaze made my hair very shiny and healthy looking. Thanks Toni for taking such good care of me!
—Kelly Boeh August 03, 2019
It was a wonderful experience start to finish. Madilyn was so knowledgeable and took great care of my hair!
—Ann Wade August 03, 2019
Alyssa did it once again! She was on time and did exactly what I asked for. She is simply the best! The front desk staff was fantastic. The salon was clean and was playing great music. I love going to The Glam Room!
—Tracie Hugley August 03, 2019
Rebecca does a great job every time. I walk out looking and feeling amazing!
—Angela Blake August 02, 2019
Jacob is the reason I started there....and his personal and professional approach is the reason I will stay. This is a wonderful environment, with very good staff....Jacob is a tremendous addition...
—Allen Edwards August 01, 2019
The staff at the Glam Room is great. Always smiling and ready to help. Liz Bean is great. She listens then executes exactly what you need.
—Angela Didde August 01, 2019
Thanks for pairing me up with Christian. She did an awesome job and I will be back when I need a touch up. I felt like she understood what I was going for and did everything she could to make me happy and comfortable. Thanks again!
—Charlotte Seley July 31, 2019
—Cody Dunlap July 31, 2019
Beth was great! Very easy to work with and I was in and out but I never felt rushed. Thanks again Beth.
—Danny Sparks July 31, 2019
I got a French tip gel manicure and I’m obsessed. Thanks Jessica I’ll see you again in a month!
—Brittany Sutherland July 30, 2019
Beth was very friendly and took her time to make sure I was pleased with the final look. She did a great job and I’ll be back for sure!
—Elizabeth Buhr July 30, 2019
—Mary Davis July 30, 2019
I came in after several highlights and cuts and wanted a change...Red! Toni was awesome! She sat down with me as a new customer to find out exactly what I liked and expected. Loved that! The whole experience was really laid back and relaxed. And I love my COLOR! Trimmed up my ends and I’m a whole new girl! Thanks to Toni who I consider a valuable asset to the “Glam Squad” at the Glam Room! Can’t wait to see you in October.
—Jennifer Teel July 30, 2019
The Spa area of the Glam Room is a truly restful and rejuvenating place. The lights are low, the energy and sounds of the hair area are shut out by a big door, and the staff of the spa area are fantastic. Tony gave me a very gentle, yet very deep tissue massage, and he offers other types of massages, too. I will be back.
—Lawrence Moffet July 30, 2019
Very nice and clean and very friendly but it's a little on the pricey side
—Amber Sharp July 30, 2019
Maddie is the absolute best! She has made all my hair dreams come true! Plus, I love our conversations during my appointments. I am so glad that I found her!!!
—Taylor Mingolla July 30, 2019
Cheray did an awesome job on my massage. She listened to what I needed and delivered!
—Amy Ridgeway July 28, 2019
I love the atmosphere. Front entrance was easy to access. The ladies in front we attentive to me and led us straight to the nail area. Lovie is amazing and loves what she does. Makes for a great experience... Schedule 2 weeks out for next appt..
—Donnavean D July 28, 2019
I was able to make an appointment online Friday morning for Saturday at 8 am. Rebecca was amazing and took the time to talk to me about my personal hair routine and ways to improve it. I love my haircut so much and will definitely be back!
—Morgan Kensinger July 28, 2019
Both Mao and Tony do great work. Yesterday because of scheduling issues for Mao ( wrong service on calendar) and my own physical issues for Tony) they each worked out the issue with me and I couldn’t have ask for better service. Thank them both.
—Terry Satterlee July 27, 2019
Love the Salon the staff and my stylist is always a great experience. If I needed to add something I would love to see a new toilet seat in The Restroom it is old
—Maritza Ceballos July 26, 2019
I always love my visits with Hollie at the Glam Room! Her attention to detail is phenomenal! Go see her!
—Kealan Schroeder July 26, 2019
Madyson was terrific and the whole experience was top notch!
—Lindsey Rein July 26, 2019
Everyone in the Glam Room was very nice and polite. I did feel like they were falsely polite and kind of talking down to me. My service was very good. I had a manicure. I like the looks of it but am waiting to see how long it lasts. I feel like I could have gotten the same service somewhere else for half the price.
—Delores Madget July 25, 2019
Maddy is hands down my favorite!! She never disappoints with my hair, and I always trust her to do whatever she thinks is best! The environment is so clean and beautiful and the staff is always so friendly!
—Abbey Schwab July 25, 2019
Meghan was attentive and receptive to my ideas about what I wanted to do with my hairstyle. She also graciously squeezed in a root color and toner treatment for me.
—Michelle Robbins July 25, 2019
Just received a facial and my face feels and looks great! I look forward to my next appointment. Thanks Angelica
—Danny Sparks July 24, 2019
There was a little confusion when I got there. I ended up waiting over an hour but found my forever spa home. Madilynn did my hair and I highly reccomend her. Also got my brows waxed by Beth and it was so serene and calming. Great experience all together. I’ll be going back for all of my needs
—Ashley Whitman July 24, 2019
I haven’t had a haircut in two years, simply because I’ve never been anywhere where I was happy with how it turned out. Today I went to the glam room and Madeline gave me a whole new cut and I looove it! I will be back!
—Allyssa Wildman July 23, 2019
I ❤️ the Glam Room. Not only does Kelsi leave me feeling beautiful after each visit, but she is such a gem and a joy to be around. More importantly, she has taught me so much about the health of my hair and how to take the best care of it I possibly can.
—Brooke Larson July 23, 2019
I had a lovely experience for my first visit at The Glam Room snd am looking forward to returning in just a few weeks.
—Charlene McHugh July 22, 2019
I just got a haircut with Cass she is aswome.I Showed her a picture on how I wanted my hair and she did exactly the same haircut in that picture.I definitely will come back with her
—Reynalda Morales July 21, 2019
I always love my experience here! I feel like I am always listened to as I explain what I want and I get exactly what I was looking for! Great product recommendations without being pushy!
—Jessy Williams July 21, 2019
We always enjoy our experience at the salon. Kelsi gives great cuts and is fantastic with color. She is kind, fun and always up for good conversation. My kids enjoy each appointment and I do too.
—Jana Hackney July 20, 2019
When you go to a place called the ‘Glam Room’ you already have a certain expectation, almost like you’re being set up for disappointment? But NOT HERE! Always up to standard & beyond has been my experience. Cass happens to be my stylist~I picked her & I am happy to say I’ll keep her! One of a kind, that’s what she & the Glam Room make you feel like; special, pampered & cared for. I love this place & you will too!
—Jennifer Coolidge July 19, 2019
My hair has always been something I’m pretty particular about and having just moved to KC and needing a haircut, I was determined to find the right place and stylist for me. After a friend had mentioned I should check out The Glam Room, I went ahead and booked. Unfortunately my original stylist got sick and had to move me to another stylist but the transition was so smooth and the staff was efficient and polite. My experience in that one word, great. Madalyn was professional and willing to understand my needs and help me get to the final product through offering great suggestions. I love my overall new, natural look. Can’t wait to come back in the future!
—Chelsea Neumann July 18, 2019
Love Allison!! She is the best. She understands my needs, makes great suggestions and I always walk out loving the end result!
—Erin Fecske July 18, 2019
Louie was like an artist at work, he did a great job and was very fast - I will be back next week for my color !!!!
—Georgeann Molle July 17, 2019
Jacob was awesome and the discount coupon was a huge help! Love my new mane :)
—Kelly Skahan July 16, 2019
I have used the GLAM ROOM for a few years now and am never disappointed. Alexis and her team are the best for all kinds of hair. I happen to have very curly hair (near Afro without product) and she knows how to cut curly hair - and if you have curly hair, you know that not ALL stylists know how to do this! I have also used massage therapist SHAREE. One of the best massages I have had in my life. If you prefer deep tissue, she is your gal! But she also adjusts to individual preferences. The GLAM ROOM is always clean with friendly support staff. I can't imagine having my hair care done any where else!
—Cindy Howell July 16, 2019
I love my cut and I loved Maddy! My only complaint was that she was running behind when I got there and then my cut felt rushed. I’m not too picky when it comes to my haircuts, so I’m still ok with how it looks. Just wish she could have had time to be more thorough. I definitely plan on coming back to her when invited due for a trim though!
—Emma Welch July 15, 2019
Cassandra cut my hair the other day and she did an outstanding job! She took her time and made sure I was comfortable with the style I was going for as I was making a huge change. The cut she gave me was superb, I couldn't be happier! And she's such a happy fun loving person to be around!
—Mary Jo Longgrear July 15, 2019
The salon staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with my results! The salon is super clean & fun. I’m looking forward to going back!
—Julia Janda July 15, 2019
Louis is the absolute best! He is kind, considerate, and truly makes my hair look the best it has ever looked!
—Elizabeth Austin July 14, 2019
Had my appointment with Maddison today & was floored with the execution. Everyone was so helpful, friendly & personable. Clean every also.❤️ Maddison did an AMAZING job with me & I am so looking forward to coming back. Would absolutely recommend.
—Taylor Seyler July 14, 2019
Never a disappointment when I come in! Love my tint each and every time! Thank you Beth :)
—Alissa Bogle July 14, 2019
As always, top quality service!
—LA Schwerdt July 14, 2019
Jacob did a great job. He listened to my questions and gave styling tips.
—Gina Rivera July 14, 2019
I had a wonderful facial with Beth! She was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what would work best for my skin type! I will be back!
—Jodi Davis July 13, 2019
Another great visit!
—Dawn Bonebrake July 13, 2019
—Marianne Ray July 13, 2019
Luz did a beautiful color job on my hair. She takes her time and works at perfection. My hair is so healthy due to her.
—Charlotte Sands July 11, 2019
Luz did a beautiful color job on my hair. She takes her time and works at perfection. My hair is so healthy due to her.
—Charlotte Sands July 11, 2019
Maoggie is an artist with nails! She’s a genuine delight to sit with and my nails are stunning. I keep staring at my hands! *Side note, Maoggie is incredibly knowledgeable so even though I booked a more expensive option she explained a less expensive alternative after seeing my nails and looking at the pic of what I wanted. I’m a customer for life!
—Lindsey Fulkerson July 11, 2019
I’ve been seeing Payton for some time now. She is super-patient and a great listener. I tend to be very picky about my hair and am also not the best communicator regarding what I want. She always works hard to try to understand what I want and then moves through the cut slowly, taking time to check in and adjust as she goes. She clearly wants me to be happy with each cut, which I so appreciate. Payton is a consummate professional and I recommend her highly.
—Jackie Torres July 10, 2019
Meghan cut my hair today. She was running a bit late today. When she was ready for me she apologized and explained the communication issue and got right to work. I briefly explained what I wanted and she nailed it! Meghan is great at men's hair and has a wonderful energy. While this salon is not outwardly geared towards men I love all the smiling faces. I hope to use some of the other services offered soon.
—Andy Stephens July 10, 2019
I saw Allison yesterday and I really needed guidance on what direction to try on my hair. She offered great advice and ultimately gave me an amazing new look. Highly recommend her.
—Sondra Todd July 10, 2019
Alyssa is perfect and always does an amazing job !!!
—Emily Haynes July 09, 2019
Thank you Hollie for your continued time to give me a cut and color that lasts for months. I always love visiting Hollie and I don't mind the 2 hour drive just to see her. Always a pleasure!
—Salena Sauber July 09, 2019
Angela was calm, kind, and sweet. She was knowledgeable about skin care and did a great job on my sugaring (armpits, bikini, and lower legs).I plan to come back regularly and recommend her to friends!
—Autumn Tribitt July 03, 2019
I was so nervous to get my hair done, with having a horrible experience in the past at a different salon. But Cassandra did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and getting to know exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond! I love my new hair!
—Vanessa Navarrete June 30, 2019
Love Payton and The Glam Room!
—Erin Clary June 30, 2019
Excellent cut, and my stylist Jacob really listened to what I wanted and needed.
—Janet Benson June 30, 2019
I like my stylist she was really nice and very good at her job
—Brenda Zuniga June 29, 2019
I'm so happy to have found Christian at The Glam Room - I've found my new hair guru! I couldn't be more happy with my color (cool medium blonde) and cut. Thank you!
—Tricia Peterson June 29, 2019
She is amazing -- she finds the muscle that needs relief and provides it.🙂
—Judy Fields June 29, 2019
It's been years since I got my nails done and Mao did an amazing job on it! She listened to what I wanted and delivered it! I will definitely be going back to Mao!
—Kimberly Yang June 29, 2019
I see either Cass or Mai Lee when I come in, depending on what I do. They’re both absolutely perfect. Honestly, everyone that works there is so incredibly friendly that it’s always fun coming in. Everyone always does beautiful work and I’m excited every time I have an appointment.
—Lindsay Cordova June 29, 2019
Beth was great and really educated me on my skin and many another things. Wonderful service and environment!
—Monica Yang June 28, 2019
The doctor took the time to explain all options to me. Very helpful and caring
—Cassie Chesnutt June 28, 2019
I always receive excellent service at the Glam Room, fabulous cut and color!
—Kelly Coots June 28, 2019
Christian really is the Boss of hair color. Every time leave, my hair looks amazing. She does a great job of finding the perfect color for me and I cannot recommend her enough! I am so pleased with the results every time I try something new--her recommendations are always on point.
—Jenna Galletta June 28, 2019
This was my first time at this salon, I read a lot of reviews before deciding to book my appointment with Hollie. I was welcome as soon as I walked in, everyone is very welcoming and friendly.. lots of smiles.. I was offered something to drink and was told Hollie will come and get me, she came and introduced herself with a huge smile,took me Back and we talked about what I wanted done.. she was very professional and honest with what could be achieved that day.. she gave me an amazing haircut touch up my roots and painted some beautiful highlights/Bayalage, I love it! My husband went WOW.... the final results are amazing! Hollie will see you in 8 weeks! Thank you!
—Andrea Cruz June 27, 2019
This woman has amazing abilities. The best for deep tissue massage! Not for the faint of heart, though. PS MANAGEMENT: please check your OLD MAGAZINES in the spa waiting area! NOT acceptable to have Nov, Dec 2018 Stuff on June 26, 2019!
—Kaysee Clark June 27, 2019
I just had my third service with the Glam Room and I have nothing but great things to say. I have seen Christian for a cut/style and she has nailed it each time. As far as the salon itself goes...great atmosphere, clean, trendy and relaxing!
—Amanda Ash June 26, 2019
Very capable and comfortable.
—Carol Livingston June 26, 2019
Wow I feel great and I can’t wait until I go back to have a facial again
—Danny Sparks June 25, 2019
Excellent atmosphere and service
—Patty Reynolds June 25, 2019
Great experience! Everyone was so friendly and fun. My husband and I enjoyed our pedicures!
—Dana Wilkins June 25, 2019
Really great service at a very affordable price. Liz has cut my hair a few times now and she always does an amazing job! She always makes sure I’m happy with each step of the cut and style.
—Meghan Senne June 25, 2019
I love Glam Room they have all your needs. Great Day Spa. The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff are so helpful. Again Toni shes out done herself love my cut and color. She listens to my ideas then we work out a great plan together. I leave it up to her and she never fails me. Awesome I recommend Glam Room to everyone I meet. Again an awesome job.
—Linda Clark June 23, 2019
I love Glam Room they have all your needs. Great Day Spa. The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff are so helpful. Again Toni shes out done herself love my cut and color. She listens to my ideas then we work out a great plan together. I leave it up to her and she never fails me. Awesome I recommend Glam Room to everyone I meet. Again an awesome job.
—Linda Clark June 23, 2019
I went for the first time and fell in love with it, I loved the vibe of the whole salon and it was one of the best color and cuts I’ve ever gotten
—Madeline Allen June 23, 2019
Been coming to Alison for over a year and I absolutely love her. So professional and my color and cut are always spot on. Thank you Alison!
—Cinda Kessler June 22, 2019
Made the decision to try out another barber, which was incredibly difficult, as I have been going to the same barber for 3+ years.. My fiancé has been going to the Glam Room for quite a while and always begged me to try it out. The Glam Room didn’t sound very “Mens barber-ish” to me, so I always ignored her pleas.. finally, after a couple scheduling issues with my normal barber, I decided to try this place out. My reaction after getting my hair cut and beard trimmed by Michael Lokken.. WOW. This guy takes hair cutting seriously. It’s like an art to him, and you can tell he truly loves his craft. He had more focus on my “stubble” beard than my last barber had during my entire visit. The haircut was the best I have had in years... and it was the first time going there! He knew what style I had in my mind and he knew it would work for me. If you’re a guy and you’re looking for a barber... don’t be thrown off by the “Glam Room” name and all the ladies in there.. there is a hidden barber that will amaze you.. his name is Michael
—Steven Still June 22, 2019
For all of my life getting my hair cut/colored has been a challenge. I know what I want and I’ve never had a good time finding someone who can give it to me. Yesterday, I walked out of The Glam Room and for the first time felt amazing about my hair. Maddy not only understood what I wanted but took the time to give me that and make me feel beautiful. I would highly reccommend The Glam Room and I would highly reccommend Maddy for cut and color!
—Madissyn Cook June 22, 2019
Cassandra did an EXCELLENT job with my 12y/o daughter. She took her time explaining and educating her on the after care of a perm and the process. She was meticulous at making sure it was exactly how Lexi wanted it done. Great job!!
—Lexi Reese June 22, 2019
Madalyn as always treated my daughter like a princess. We won’t go anywhere else.
—Sarah Grampp June 21, 2019
Tony is terrific. He understands issues and relaxes a person based on the issues they may have or what they may come to him for.
—Terry Satterlee June 21, 2019
I'm so glad I've decided to go back to the Glam Room. Alison was just the greatest. I absolutely love my hair, and I'll be back soon for color. Also, the front desk staff was really friendly. :)
—Luana Haas June 20, 2019
All the staff were warm and welcoming. Jacob did phenomenal! I highly recommend him and The Glam Room.
—Jennifer KABLER June 20, 2019
Jacob has been my hair professional for years...showed a depth of knowledge and even more personal attention and care....the whole Salon reflects genuine personal attention and care
—Allen Edwards June 20, 2019
A couple of my coworkers told me to see Hollie. She was amazing! I’m so happy I took their advice!
—Hannah Gilmore June 19, 2019
Always a good experience!
—Dawn Bonebrake June 19, 2019
Always a good experience!
—Dawn Bonebrake June 19, 2019
Always a great experience. BEST customer service and atmosphere.
—Jane Hefner June 19, 2019
Liz always makes me feel amazing! Salons have always been intimidating to me. I have felt like I wasn't smart for not knowing about hair care or products. Other salons also made me feel extremely pressured to buy products. Glam Room is the opposite! I feel so relaxed and taken care of. It's truly a relaxing and fun experience. Will always go to them as long as I am in Kansas City! Highly recommend getting a deep conditioning treatment.
—Katie Crump June 18, 2019
Going to see Meghan is truly therapeutic! Not only does she make my hair look fabulous, she makes me feel confident about trying new things. I 💯 recommend.
—Jennifer Adamous June 18, 2019
I've been coming to the Glam Room regularly for almost 2 years now to have my hair cut by Peyton. She always makes me feel and look my best. I've never been disappointed once with a haircut from her.
—Kara Newcomer June 17, 2019
Great salon, nice shampoo chairs that recline, the only thing I didn't like was the receptionist wanted my date of birth when making the appointment. I told the month and date, and then she required the year. I don't think they need that much info to do a blowout, just my thoughts.
—Rhonda Truschinger June 17, 2019
I always have a pleasant experience coming to The Glam Room. I love my nail technician Ms Jessica! Again a big congratulations to her, you so well deserved it 😉 thank you and I’ll see you soon. From my happy and loyal customer Yolonda
—Yolonda Harris June 16, 2019
Maddy did an amazing job cutting my child’s hair, and made sure she was comfortable & had a great experience! She is such a great stylist!
—Pria Davidson June 15, 2019
Thanks to Angelica and my crazy good Jason for a wonderful experience ❤
—Mary McCluskey June 14, 2019
I had a great experience with my wax appointment. Thanks!
—Robin Nelson June 14, 2019
Jessie is wonderful. She is caring and knows her stuff. Always makes me laugh-which I appreciate very much.
—Liz Allen June 13, 2019
My son and I have just moved to the neighborhood and are loving The Glam Room. My son, Will -age 2- and Michael are “bwest fwiends” as he says it. We were even late to his last haircut because he couldn’t choose which of his “treasures” to bring to show Michael. (He chose two rocks) I can’t help but Instagram how wonderful Michael is with him. It warms my heart as a mom. Cassandra and the whole staff take good care of this momma too! I moved my son and I here for a new start and the love of the strangers at the salon has gone along way to show me I made the right choice! You never know what people are going through and the kindness at the glam room - from reception to payment- makes the transition a bit easier. Thank you!
—Alison Guthrie June 13, 2019
I had the most pleasant experience with Cassandra! I will definitely be back to see her. She was so genuine and made me feel beautiful.
—Allie Larocca June 12, 2019
The people here are friendly, professional, and amazing stylists. And the prices are good, too. But come for the people and the way you’ll look and feel when you leave!
—Nancy Ramsay June 12, 2019
The people here are friendly, professional, and amazing stylists. And the prices are good, too. But come for the people and the way you’ll look and feel when you leave!
—Nancy Ramsay June 12, 2019
Jacob is fun, nice, and amazing. Thank you for making a bad day better with a great cut and fun conversation. I will definitely be back to see him.
—Lesley Wright June 12, 2019
This was my first visit to The Glam Room, fourth time getting a Brazilian, and first time having the sugar treatment for hair removal. Angela was very professional, provided friendly, respectful service, and was easy to talk to and ask questions about how to maintain things before my next visit. Very satisfied and highly recommend.
—Re June 11, 2019
—Cheryl (sue) Shigley June 11, 2019
If you want Glamour, this is the place.
—Janet Morreale June 11, 2019
—Seki Anderson June 10, 2019
Kelsi brightened up my hair tonight and I absolutely love it! I totally trust her opinion and skills! This is my 2nd visit and I’m as equally happy as I was the 1st time I booked!
—Beth Ponnath June 07, 2019
Beth gives amazing massages and facials. Definitely will be going back!
—Kelsey Williams June 07, 2019
—Kelsey Williams June 07, 2019
Great service Great venue Will be back😍
—Evie Craig June 07, 2019
I drive from out of town to have Maddie work on my hair. She does a fantastic job and so nice and sweet. Thanks! Karen Rienbolt
—Karen Reinbolt June 07, 2019
I had my first Brazilian wax done today. I was pretty nervous leading up to it but Angelica was GREAT! She explained everything to me with patience and was very professional. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. She is clearly very knowledgeable and I'll definitely be back to see her soon! The atmosphere was very welcoming, too. Everything from my check in to my final check out was GREAT!
—Denise Claibourn June 05, 2019
I love the vibe of The Glam room. I had no problem with scheduling or my stylist. But the awful parking and the price of the services are just much to continue. My last visit I parked in a two hour spot. You can se where this is going! My stylist was overbooked so since I was just getting a highlight (partial at that) I didn't mind waiting while she completed a male haircut. In the meantime, 3 hours later I go to my car to find it towed to a lovely establishment in Independence. I don't mind Independence, I live there. I just would have rather driven it home myself! Total bill...$199 for the partial highlight and $180 for the tow. I like my hair color, but not that much!
—Penny Holm June 05, 2019
My Service was excellent. I love Jacob Rau
—Susie Leeper June 04, 2019
I’ve been getting my eyebrows & eyelashes tinted by Beth and I am never disappointed!! She offers many services, I highly recommend her! You rock, Beth!!!💋
—Alissa Bogle June 04, 2019
I had a cut/color with Alyssa today and it was the absolute best experience I’ve had with coloring my hair! She gave me options when I was undecided and gave me direction and I’m loving how everything turned out! Overall it was a great experience!
—Elizabeth Curtin June 04, 2019
Beth did an amazing job with my facial! She saved my skin for my brother's wedding day that was only 2 days away. Although I no longer live in Kansas City, I will definitely make a point to visit her again when I am in town.
—Kristine Conrow June 04, 2019
Just moved from Texas and can’t believe I found a stylist like Allison on my first try. She’s an amazing colorist as well as stylist and I haven’t ever been happier with my hair. Everyone at the Glam room is so friendly and welcoming. It’s a definite 5 stars for me!
—Stacie Caraway June 04, 2019
—Kristin Amicone June 04, 2019
My hair turned out great and looks very healthy. The color she added really compliments my natural color just like I asked her to do. Overall a great experience.
—Ali Cooper June 04, 2019
I absolutely love my stylist ❤️
—Tamara Capra June 04, 2019
They have the best of anything you would want or need, from makeup, color, cut , nails, spa!
—Shelly Sprung June 03, 2019
They have the best of anything you would want or need, from makeup, color, cut , nails, spa!
—Shelly Sprung June 03, 2019
I had a corrective facial and it was by far the best facial I’ve ever had!
—Dana Magee June 03, 2019
I was speaking at my graduation and I wanted to reveal to my class that I cut my notoriously long hair. Not only was Christina, able to do that for me, she also made me super comfortable and her overall vibe was genuine. She did express her own excitement for my cut, and it just proves that she is genuine. I loved how the cut came out, my entire class was shocked when I revealed the cut, and all of them said they loved the new look.
—Megan Dorantes June 02, 2019
Everyone at the glam room is really nice and I loved the way my hair turned out! I came in knowing what I wanted and got just that
—Xochitl Tapia June 01, 2019
Great hair appointment today with The Glam Room. Always a treat to get my hair done there!
—Lauren Bishop May 31, 2019
Alexis ALWAYS does such an amazing job with whatever I ‘fancy’ for my hair! Exceptional service and amazing talent from Alexis! Thanks for always making me feel rejuvenated every four weeks, girl! THANK YOU!!!
—Heidi Strohmeier May 31, 2019
I love going to Alyssa, she is sweet and a joy to get to talk to but also a talented hairstylist. She makes going to this very stylish and clean salon all the more enjoyable.
—Alex Lowery May 31, 2019
Alyssa totally fixed my hair from a previous bad haircut at a different salon. Very please with the results. Will be back!
—Summer Kirchhofer May 31, 2019
My stylist knew I was a hair virgin, she took the time to show me extra pictures and asked me questions about how I wanted to color and cut my hair to make sure that we both understood what I wanted. She was informative throughout the 5 hour process of coloring my hair and gave me explanations on how to take care of my hair at home. It was a wonderful day for me there.
—Jamie Xiong May 29, 2019
This was my first time coming here and I enjoyed evey aspect of it! The layout of the salon is unique to it’s own and welcoming! Maddy is an amazing stylist and really listens to what you would like done! Highly recommend!
—Madison Etheridge May 29, 2019
Liz was really wonderful to meet and I am so happy with my experience at Glam Room. She took the time to talk in depth about my hair goals and needs before ever getting started on me. She was a delight to talk to and delivered exactly what I was looking for. I'm newer to KC and have found my new salon home. I plan on coming here in the future.
—Chelsey Robinson May 28, 2019
Best experience I have ever had at a Salon!
—Stephanie Owens May 28, 2019
Friendly staff. Welcome drink ( wine, beer, tea, coffee). Wide variety of services you can enjoy. If you wanna treat yourself come visit us and be pampered. Clean and spacious facility with very chic decor. The restroom is also well-maintained. The parking can be a bit of a problem since it’s in the River Market, but otherwise the location is great. A bunch of great restaurants to go to before and/or after your salon visit.
—Allera B May 28, 2019
I really have light, barely there lashes. I saw on the Glam Room website something called a lash lift. I was intrigued! I stalked (legally) the website to see the availability of the procedure...working full time really gets in the way of pampering. I finally called to see if I could just pop in, but they were out of the solution...tried again on the holiday weekend...and SUCCESS! Got there at 11:30 (parking on a Saturday in the market? Plan to leave a little earlier) Beth took care of me,and my short little stubby lashes were a bit of a challenge...but she did it! I think they turned out great! She was very gentle with my eye area, never too much solution so no burning eyes...she even did a lash tint. I love it! No more mascara needed (unless I just need VOLUME)
—Sarah Wallace May 27, 2019
I got there a few minutes before my appointment time. My stylist, Jacob was still foiling someone’s hair. Someone came by to tell me that it would be about 10-15 minutes and asked if I wanted a drink, which I thought was awesome. Jacob took time to come over and apologize for the wait and consult with me about what I needed done. Michael took me to get shampooed. Oh my lord, that man is amazing. The scalp massage was the best thing that has ever happened to my head. He also described everything he was doing so I knew what was going on. Very professional. He even added a product to help with my frizz. I get to the chair and Jacob starts cutting my hair. He confirmed everything that I wanted done, even gave some tips. He was very personable. I feel like I was talking to a friend! I walked out with 2 amazing products and my hair was brought back to life! I was looking for a salon that I could go to forever, instead of skipping around. I definitely found my place! As for the price of the cut(49 dollars), you get what you pay for. They shampoo, cut and style AND use their products on your hair. I will take that any day over walking out of a salon with wet hair! Love this salon! I’ll be recommending it to everyone I know!
—Ashley Walker May 26, 2019
Kelsi is a class act. She transformed my hair and always gives me her honest feedback. She is definitely one you can trust! A Glam Room! A keeper for sure.
—Bailie Hennes May 25, 2019
—Trent Turner May 25, 2019
Cassandra transformed my hair!!! She is so knowledgeable and eager to give me the style I wanted. She nailed it!! I’ve definitely found my forever salad. Thanks for making me feel beautiful!
—Trina Lipka May 25, 2019
I had a haircut/color and pedicure recently. As always, Cass did a fantastic job. I love my cut and color. After I left the salon I messed up my pedicure. I think we have all done it! I called the Salon to see if they could squeeze me in to fix my toe. They allowed me to come right back and they fixed my pedicure. Thank you!
—Dawn Parsons May 24, 2019
—Amy Ridgeway May 24, 2019
Michael is awesome! I have short hair and he takes time to really see how my hair falls and leaves me looking just trimmed up. I love it when he does my neck shave and neck massage. He is a great stylist.
—Audrea Laquet May 23, 2019
Big fan of the cut I got last night. Such a relaxing experience. Highly recommend!
—ian tirone May 23, 2019
I love getting a cut from Mai Lee. She does exactly what I ask of her, have seriously never had a bad haircut or style from her in over a year.
—Courtney Hopkins May 22, 2019
This was my first time using this salon as I’ve bounced around between a few trying to find the right stylist and atmosphere. Mai Lee was amazing, she was knowledge in products that would help my damaged hair from coloring and listened to my concerns. Definitely found my new salon home!
—Ashlynn Owens May 22, 2019
Jacob has brought my very short, frizzy, and coarse hair to soft and manageable. I now wear it shoulder length, straight, and love the color he has suggested for me. He’s very talented.
—Sue Cordell May 22, 2019
Good looking full service salon. Great employees. I enjoy coming here for hair and nails.
—Angela Didde May 22, 2019
Maoggie was fantastic, thorough, and was a blast to talk to. My feet look and feel amazing, and she knows and is passionate about her craft. I'll definitely be back!
—Grace Diebolt May 22, 2019
I found the Glam Room on google and thought I'd give it a try. I got a hair cut and eyebrow/lash tint. Super cute salon and the service was AMAZING!! Highly recommend :D
—Viviana Desmoineaux May 21, 2019
Really great service and knowledgeable staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment.
—Megan Roberts May 20, 2019
Five stars
—Robin Nguyen May 19, 2019
Thanks to Beth,Angelica, and Tony for making my mother's 85th birthday memorable. The facials were amazing. Many mother enjoyed Tony's and Beth's conversation. Will definitely be back and willrecommend your spa to friends and family. Love the location and the salon's atmosphere.
—Latanya Jeffreys May 19, 2019
This is hands down one of the best salons in KC! I go there for all my beauty and skin needs. Very professional and friendly staff as well.
—Ashley Kurtzman May 19, 2019
They were able to take me right in and the stylist was great! Listened to what I wanted and did exactly that!
—Aly Breeze May 18, 2019
Since I moved here I love getting my hair, nails, and massages done here. Their hair stylists are very professional, experience, and considerate. My favorite hair stylist is Cas who has amazing vision and knows what is the best for your hair. The salon is beautiful, has a great atmosphere, and the service is exceptional.
—Karen Ruff May 17, 2019
Angelica was amazing! It was my first time receiving any kind of wax. She talked me through it, was very kind and helpful. I would absolutely recommend her for any services! She was GREAT!
—Samantha Jenkins May 17, 2019
Sara did my wax and was great. She was very friendly, did a great job and was very knowledgeable about what she was doing and different products to use. I will go back for sure !
—Skylah Ballard May 16, 2019
I went back yo her to tone down my hair and she understood and delivered exactly what I wanted even though I didn't know how to explain it! Shes awesome and so professional!
—Maria Flores May 16, 2019
Always happy with the service and quality cuts I get at the GlamRoom! Hope they’re around for a long time!
—Casey Walker May 15, 2019
I have seen Alison for 4+ years and will see her forever! She listens to me, helps me plan styles/colors and always does a fantastic job--I always feel pampered and glamorous when I leave. Also brought my newborn in with me for my last appointment and everyone was accommodating.
—Emily Mathiesen May 15, 2019
I could not be more happy with the service that I receive at the Glam room. Tonight I had a eyebrow wax with Beth and hair color and cut with Alison. My favorite place to feel pampered
—Cinda Kessler May 14, 2019
I truly enjoyed my massage. Angelica was just amazing. I don't get massages offend but we have already budgeted in another massage soon! I came in a crazy, uptight, stressed out person and walked out relaxed, healed and stress free. Can't wait to come back! -Susy
—Susan Kunkle May 14, 2019
I had a sugar wax by Angela tonight and it was so great ! She’s so gentle and comfortable, it was virtually painless. Will always come back, will always tip 20%. Though 25% is what you leave for gratitude when someone gives you everything you expect and more. Thanks so much !
—Kelsey Pinzino May 14, 2019
Although I do not like my hair color, the salon experience was great. All of the staff was welcoming and kind and the salon was extremely clean. The staff is attentive to your needs and seem to really care about their clients. I would go back for hair cuts but I am not sure that I will get my hair colored here again for the price and the result that I got.
—Daisy Weems May 14, 2019
As usual Mao did a fantastic mani/pedi
—Jackie Wilson May 14, 2019
—Alexis Mikulich May 13, 2019
Alyssa did a great job on my cut and color this weekend. Love my hair! I also love that she let me know the price up front so there were no surprises at the register. Will def come back to Glam Room!
—Abby Hollingsworth May 13, 2019
Had a wonderful experience. Liz is talented, thoughtful and careful with her work.
—Jodie Moore May 13, 2019
We are in town for a few weeks and really wanted to pamper ourselves for Mother’s Day. We got a facial, massage, pedicure and eyebrow wax. All of it was so great! I have received pedicures at so many places and this was definitely he best one!! The facility was clean, the staff was friendly and welcoming. We really could not have had a better time! Definitely recommend!
—Nicole Redmond May 12, 2019
I can’t say enough about the staff, and the services. They were all amazing, super friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and very helpful! My friend and I were there all day with a variety of services and it was all just a great experience! Definitely recommend the Glam room for all your spa needs.
—Jessica Buck May 11, 2019
I’ve been to the Glam Room 3 times now! I see Micki! We have been working to figure out exactly what I want for my wedding in a few months! It didn’t take long for her to get my style and be able to give me exactly what I want even though I’m not the best at describing! It’s a great atmosphere and all the stylists seem so sweet and are always complimenting each other’s work! Love going to the glam room!
—Jessy Williams May 11, 2019
Toni did a fantastic job on my hair today. The highlights were beautiful and the cut was fabulous! I will always recommend her to anyone looking for a better stylist
—Eva Marie Taylor May 10, 2019
Fantastic job!
—Dennis Dunavant May 10, 2019
Fantastic job!
—Dennis Dunavant May 10, 2019
All is good in the world again...:) I heard from Glam management and apparently the fee for cut w/no wash is less a cut only. They called me today and credited my account. thanks for the great customer service. I really love the Glam Room and didn't like that dark cloud.. see ya next time.
—Maureen Tarwater May 10, 2019
The price for a wash and haircut is the same as just a haircut. My stylist asks everytime if I want a wash, I usually do but this time I said no (as she seemed to be in a hurry) but the charge was the same. that just seems crazy to me.
—Maureen Tarwater May 10, 2019
Tonight, has done it again made me feel beautiful. She did an awesome job on my hair today. I had her color it Lavendar and she did a great job and everyone who say my picture loves it. I really love it. Will be back in 4 weeks. A great place to come and relax and get your hair done.
—Linda Clark May 10, 2019
The most relaxing and comfortable first massage. Tony is the best.
—Amy Schwartz May 09, 2019
I love coming to the salon! The vibe is so positive and Christian always works her blonde magic on me— and I leave feeling so good about myself!
—Amber Morse May 09, 2019
Hollie is great! My color lasts longer and she gives me a wonderful cut! Love going there
—Zina Bryan May 09, 2019
Jacob has been my stylist for years now...couldn't dream of being anywhere else...that being said....when he joined the Glam Room, this place is filled with hospitality, creative skills, and genuine care....well worth the time of being there each time...receptionists are very welcome and inviting
—Allen Edwards May 09, 2019
I got my hair done by Alyssa and she gave me exactly what I was picturing!! I love it. My only complaint about the glam room is that it’s very expensive.
—Marissa Juliana May 08, 2019
Totally enjoyable experience. Alexis listened to what I wanted and made suggestions. She is friendly and talented. You are fortunate to have her working for your salon. Checking in and out is always fast and easy.
—Tona King May 08, 2019
First time there and I had the best experience ever! Great staff and very professional. My stylist listened to my needs and gave me a lot of input and advice on how to treat and maintain healthy hair. I truly enjoyed it and came out feeling very satisfied. Will be my go to salon from now on.
—Claudia Gonzalez May 08, 2019
Once again, Alyssa worked her magic. I absolutely love going to the Glam Room. It's always a great experience from the moment you walk in. The receptionists are wonderful.
—Tracie Hugley May 08, 2019
Olivia does a great job with my eyebrows! I would highly recommend her!
—Janet Wafford May 07, 2019
Thanks for the great cut and teaching me a few new styling techniques!
—Becky Johann May 07, 2019
I came for a dip manicure and got so much more! I got some education, laughs and good times with it. I absolutely had an amazing time, and left feeling happy and glamorous! Mao is amazing with nails, and she educated me on so much and I will be taking this newfound knowledge to heart. And everyone is SO kind!!
—Samantha Huener May 07, 2019
I had Kelsi do a balayage to get me to that summer blonde and she blew it away! She took her time to understand why I wanted and get my hair there. The added bonus was that the salon is amazing. Very relaxing and a perfect getaway for some ‘me’ time. Highly recommend this salon & Kelsi!
—Kristina Kuska May 06, 2019
I went to Michael for a big change. I grew out my hair for years, but longed for a short cut. He did an amazing job and I would highly recommend any woman who wants a feminine, but oh so sharp, short cut to go see Michael!
—Kristi Sutton May 05, 2019
—Susie Leeper May 04, 2019
Best salon in town , amazing staff, amazing treatment, never disappoints!! Louie is truly an amazing stylist!!
—Mindy Tutorino May 04, 2019
Jacob is the real deal. And I am a customer for life. Very happy😁
—Mary McCluskey May 03, 2019
I’ve never loved my hair more than when Cass does it, and this appointment was no exception. She listens and asks questions to understand exactly what I want and even makes subtle suggestions to improve the look I’m going for. Always a happy customer. :)
—Paige Brooks May 03, 2019
This place is great! They fixed my hair after another salon messed it up! Forever going to the glam room❤️
—Robyn Bechthold May 03, 2019
It had been 15 years since my last manicure. From checking in at the front to meeting Jessie, to getting the best manicure I have ever had, the process was welcoming and flawless. I have never felt so welcomed in a "salon" environment. I already have future appointments booked. Thank you Glam Room.
—Amy Schwartz May 02, 2019
I really appreciate the time and effort Rebecca puts into understanding what I want in a hair style. And it doesn't stop there, she executes the cut and style excellently! I am not exaggerating when I say she is one of the best stylist I have ever been to!
—Donna Pace May 02, 2019
—Daniel Goodman May 01, 2019
My husband bought me a gift certificate for my birthday to the Glam Room and I booked a massage online with Cheray. She was absolutely AMAZING! She really knew what she was doing and I was super impressed. I have had many massages, but Cheray definitely gave one of the BEST!!!
—Annie Danner May 01, 2019
The whole experience was WONDERFUL! I have never had a stylist take such time in studying my type of hair (lots of natural curl) and determining how it should be cut. And then the time she took to train me on how to style it after I have left the salon. Very impressed with Lexie. I loved the complimentary paraffin wax AND the $20 off for having been referred. From beginning to end my experience was special. I WILL BE BACK!
—Vicki Jeffers May 01, 2019
I had Louis do a balayage and trim and he was just fabulous! So funny and easy to talk to and he gave me exactly what I asked for with my hair: a very natural blonde color correction to work with my roots. Definitely recommend him! Everyone was so friendly from the moment I walked in and they immediately offered me wine - obviously a big plus :)
—Erika Baker April 30, 2019
I have been a client of Cheray's for years and she never disappoints. Best massage ever!
—Judy Fields April 29, 2019
I’ve been going to the Glam Room to see Alison for a long time. My hair always turns out amazing. Everyone there really takes the time to make sure you’re happy with your service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
—Emily Noland April 26, 2019
Cass always does a great job. She is careful and meticulous, very professional. A real asset to the organization. Highly recommended.
—Tom Zacharias April 25, 2019
Very impressed with the quality of my services and the end results. Appreciated the associates offering tips to me as well. I will be coming back and adding services to my next appt.
—Lisa Davenport April 25, 2019
Kelsi is wonderful! She listens and does her magic!
—Cristina Ramirez April 25, 2019
Absolutely love going to The Glam Room Salon! Micki is a rockstar at doing hair! Would recommend The Glam Room to anyone and everyone!
—Maribeth Gardner April 25, 2019
Cass did my hair yesterday and it is absolutely the best color and cut I have had in years. I love her honesty and the fact she is totally straight forward. My whole experience was perfect and I love how they pamper their guests. I cannot wait to go back
—Jolene Wuttke April 25, 2019
—Emily Goetz April 24, 2019
Rebecca always goes above and beyond to help me achieve what I'm looking for. She does such a fabulous job!
—Nikki Nisly April 24, 2019
I really needed a haircut (only a year overdue), and my friend recommended Mai Lee. She was a great choice, and I love my new haircut! I will definitely be back!
—Heather Jordan April 24, 2019
I've been seeing Beth for waxing services for about 9 months now and she is incredible.
—Cecily Miniaci April 24, 2019
Great as always!
—Terry Satterlee April 23, 2019
Micheal L. Is phenomenal. He listens to what I want, then gives me what I need. Keep him around and you will keep me around.
—Nathan Fuchs April 20, 2019
I got my hair highlighted and cut by Hollie yesterday and she did such an amazing job. I felt that she really listened to me regarding what I wanted my hair to look like. Highly recommend!
—Nicole Robinson April 20, 2019
Had a great experience with Kelsi on my first and second visits. ❤️My cut and color!
—Dawn Bonebrake April 17, 2019
She was amazing, she listened, she was kind, she did a fantastic job. I actually looked better when I left, while my color was processing she cut my daughters hair. We left there very happy.
—Trish Chismar April 17, 2019
She was amazing, she listened, she was kind, she did a fantastic job. I actually looked better when I left, while my color was processing she cut my daughters hair. We left there very happy.
—Trish Chismar April 17, 2019
She was amazing, she listened, she was kind, she did a fantastic job. I actually looked better when I left, while my color was processing she cut my daughters hair. We left there very happy.
—Trish Chismar April 17, 2019
Outstanding service.
—Angela Didde April 17, 2019
As a girl with a pixie it’s hard to find someone who can cut my hair. Jacob gave amazing customer service and took his time to ask me all the right questions. The salon staff were very friendly and the place was very clean. Highly recommended!
—Whitney Dixson April 17, 2019
AS always, another great haircut from Alexis. I also had my first mini-facial with Olivia who happened to be available when I finished my style. She had good advice and helped me understand how to mitigate a facial blemish before a trip to see my daughter this weekend. I had previously been seeing Beth who took good care of my skin. However Olivia's work hours are earlier in the day and will work better for me in the future.
—Christine Davidson April 17, 2019
Louie was so nice and did a great job with my hair.Very happy with my hair.I only have been to Louie once but I plan on going back!
—Patty Gullo April 16, 2019
Madalyn always leaves me feeling so confident and absolutely in love with my hair! Hair appointment days are always my favorite :)
—Audrey Oglesby April 16, 2019
Alexis looked at the photo I showed her, and I walked out with that cut! Amazing! Sharon Stone's sassy cut is in my perfectly highlighted blonde hair! Luv!!!
—Cheryl Cottarman April 16, 2019
Kelsi did a fantastic job on cutting my hair and it looks stunning! I haven't gone this short with my hair in years and I've never loved it more! Thank you Kelsi for making my first haircut in a new place awesome and for making me feel so comfortable while you did it!
—Caleigh Pirnik April 16, 2019
Thank you Maddy for a great experience at The Glam Room. Visited the salon for the first time needing a style and color. Maddy took the time to listen to what I was wanting and my hair looks great!
—Amie Kuhl April 15, 2019
Toni has been such a pleasure to have as my stylist! She takes into consideration what the goals are for my hair, is thorough and informative and takes time to explain what she thinks will work best for me - leading to great end results! I love spending time at The Glam Room & in Toni's chair. Looking forward to my next appointment!
—Erin Keiser April 15, 2019
Always walk out feeling good! Love the ambience.
—Eileen Alcanter April 14, 2019
Always walk out feeling good! Love the ambience.
—Eileen Alcanter April 14, 2019
The atmosphere is wonderful, and everyone are so helpfull.Toni was awesome I suggested what I would like to have done, and then told her to do what she thought best. The color she gave me everyone has loved. I would tell everyone about this wonderful salon. Will be coming back for more.
—Linda Clark April 13, 2019
Beth is always so nice!
—Jessie Curtis April 13, 2019
Kaitlyn does a fantastic job with both color and cut. Without being able to describe clearly what I wanted, Kaitlyn nailed it. Thank you
—Patricia Mccabe April 12, 2019
Oliva was very personable and professional. I really enjoyed our conversation and it’s obvious that she’s very good at her profession.
—Kimberly Smith April 12, 2019
Kelsi did an amazing job with my hair! I was not feeling very confident or happy with my hair and leaving the salon, I felt like a million bucks! This experience far exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much!
—Beth Ponnath April 11, 2019
—Seki Anderson April 10, 2019
Angela was wonderful and did a fabulous job on my lashes! I will definitely be going back to her! Highly recommend Angela
—Kelly Ryan April 09, 2019
I love coming to the Glam Room for one reason: Louie!
—Elizabeth Austin April 09, 2019
Top notch service from Liz as always!!!
—Scott Rodgers April 09, 2019
Very nice experience! This was my first. Facial and Beth was terrific!
—Theresa Durkin April 09, 2019
Maddy always does such an amazing job! She has made such a difference in my hair and I could not say enough great things. We have been working on getting my hair healthy and color just right for my upcoming wedding this summer and I could not be happier! I recommend her, and The Glam Room, to everyone I know!
—Emma Malott April 09, 2019
I came in for a color correction with Anna. She did a great job on my hair and I absolutely love the color! I highly recommend this salon.
—Hannah Auer April 09, 2019
Im glad i found liz at the glam room. She does my hair PERFECT! I get so many compliments on my cut. And she is so easy and fun to talk to that the time goes a bit to quickly.
—Russel Burton April 08, 2019
My hair stylist was so nice and made conversation, she did my hair exactly how I wanted it to look and it lasted me all night. Definitely will be going back !! 10/10
—Emily Reed April 07, 2019
After a few bad short haircuts, I visited the Glam Room to see Mickey. Very pleasantly surprised - she shaped it up and truly seemed to know what she was doing with my hair, it's texture against my face shape. Have booked another appointment and hoping I have finally found someone who can consistently provide a great haircut - so important when you have short hair! Everyone in there seems really nice and welcoming.
—Angela Caldwell April 07, 2019
Every time I have a service here, whether it’s hair cut/color, manicure, or massage, the service and end result is incredible. Every staff member I’ve interacted with is friendly, knowledgeable, and is always able to offer sound advice. I refer all my friends here.
—Rebecca Fansler April 07, 2019
Very spacious, friendly staff has alot to offer!! Highly recommend checking them out!
—Amanda Wester April 06, 2019
I came in the first time and let me tell you this place is AWESOME! The staff is so friendly!! I had Molly and she was amazing. She sat down with me for 30 mins, show me pictures and asked me so many questions about what I like or dislike. I have never experienced that before. Molly was superb!!! I finally got the BEST cut EVER!!!! Molly was so attentive and very professional!!! She really listened to what I wanted and I got EXACTLY what I wanted!! Thank you Molly for making me feel pretty again!!!
—Scottie Harry April 06, 2019
Great experience, loved my hair cut and scheduled a next visit!
—Dawn Bonebrake April 05, 2019
I came in for a sugaring service and the employee Angela was great I was comfortable the entire time. I will be recommending and coming back in the future.
—Rachel Felan April 05, 2019
I have been going to Glam for a couple years now and every stylist I’ve had has been great! I had Mike this time and he was AWESOME!
—Audrea Laquet April 05, 2019
I called ahead to let them know I would be about 5 mins late. Jessica never once made me feel bad about being late instead just worked efficiently and was very friendly. She checked in with my in regard to parking - I had never parked in the lot and overlooked the sign informing of payment requirements. A male stylist ran my card out to the machine to pay for my parking so I wouldn't get towed. He brought it back quickly with a receipt and a smile. They were amazing AND I love my nails ;)
—JILLIAN Carroll April 05, 2019
—JILLIAN Carroll April 05, 2019
Great experience! Love my new color.
—Joni Graff April 04, 2019
It has been a long time since I have been totally happy with a stylist. Alison is absolutely a first rate stylist. First time I have been 100% happy with my hair. Look forward to having her work her magic!
—Toni Mitrovic April 04, 2019
Thank you, Hollie, for making my hair lovely! It's like you read my mind and know exactly what I want :) . See you in 10 weeks!
—Kealan Schroeder April 03, 2019
—Carly Prior April 03, 2019
I chose the salon on a whim and chose Mikki on my first visit. I’ve not regretted either decision. The atmosphere is wonderful and every stylist seems to have their own magic.
—Lysa Byous April 02, 2019
I really enjoyed my visit to the Glam Room and my interaction with the front desk staff and my stylist, Louis. I explained to Louis that I have been in a "hair crisis" for quite a while, feeling frustrated with damage to my bangs and inability to style my hair effectively. Louis was patient, kind, and helpful. He trimmed my hair and then gave me a style "lesson", explaining which products to use and why, and how to get the look I desired. I asked a lot of questions, and he answered each of them. After he styled my hair, I was nervous about being able to re-produce the look. I'm happy to report that I was able to duplicate the style using the products he recommended and the techniques he taught me. I have received a lot of compliments in the last few days on the style and cut. I'm very grateful!
—Mallory Langston April 02, 2019
Kaitlin was such a life saver! I had my hairdresser whom I had been with for 15 years have a health issue and was not able to see him. TOTALLY at a loss! I did LOTS of research and found Kaitlin! She was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable with a newbie at the Glam Room. She is now my PERSON! Thank you Kaitlin!
—Kimberly Mauck April 02, 2019
Amazing and so pleased with the my hair color. Not only does it look great but feels wonderful. Liz is fantastic and makes you feel like you are special. She definitely cares about making her customers happy with the results.
—Charlotte Sands March 31, 2019
I really enjoyed my facial today. I got the one focused on acne. The esthetician was very nice and a very comfortable experience. I’d never had a facial before and I was amazed by the warm bed! So soothing. I wish this were closer to where I live, but I might make it a regular thing.
—Alix Augustine March 30, 2019
My polish looks terrible! Looks jagged and not cleaned up at all. First time customer and I didn’t get a great impression, which sucks since I’ve heard such good things about this place. I can’t even wear sandals if I wanted.
—Gabby Gillock March 30, 2019
Jacob always does a wonderful job. If you need anything done be sure to book with him!
—Alison Evans March 30, 2019
Saw a Jacob for first and received a great cut for myself and granddaughter. Absolutely love the cut as well as his personality and spirit. Can’t wait to come back to The Glam Room.
—Chris Andrews March 30, 2019
Louis was amazing. He understood what I wanted and did it very well! I felt so much better after his work on my hair.
—Linda Alouane March 30, 2019
This was my second time seeing Micki and it was perfect just like the first time! I love that they put in the effort of noting things about you so she knew what we did the last time I was in (7 months ago) and knew that I preferred to call in for appts since my schedule is all over the place. Micki is so sweet and provides the best services!
—Jen Davies March 29, 2019
The service was very good and Sylvia at the front desk was extremely helpful!
—Becca Stewart March 29, 2019
I have gotten my hair done twice by Christian and she’s amazing. She’s gotten my hair to lighten so beautifully and no one else has ever been able to do that. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Everyone else is also very sweet, from the front desk to the other stylists. Just a great place to be.
—Victoria Horsley March 28, 2019
I had my very first perm done by Jacob, and I couldn't be happier. After losing the curly texture of my hair several years ago, I was so happy with the results he gave me. I might have cried a little. Not only did Jacob give me my curls back, but he gave me an awesome haircut as well. LOVE HIM and the Glam Room.
—Sarah Jeter March 28, 2019
I got a deep tissue massage at the glam room. As someone whose back is always tight and riddled with knots, the massage here helped to set me right and to feel so much better. Highly recommend!
—Frances Pointer March 27, 2019
Born here, lived in Texas 25 years- So very happy to find a full service salon beautiful salon- I will tell everyone I know- I'm so happy with today's services- thank you
—Janice Garwood March 26, 2019
Mickey did a wonderful job cutting my hair!
—Kathy Murphy March 26, 2019
I came in for a cut and style with Alexis, I found her to be amazing. She is talented and gave great advice on what style would fit me. The staff at The Glam Room is also courteous and the salon itself is tastefully decorated.
—Angie Montes March 26, 2019
My stylist was so wonderful!!
—Sarah Hall March 26, 2019
Cassie always takes the time to ensure I'm super satisfied with my haircut. I'm welcomed by name when I come in, and the atmosphere is inviting.
—LA Schwerdt March 26, 2019
Excellent !!!
—kathy Joyce March 26, 2019
Mattie is very professional and through. I fell and look great.
—Deborah Compton March 25, 2019
I would recommend her to anyone! Makes the process very easy and makes you feel so comfortable the entire time.
—Samantha Ruby March 25, 2019
—Bettyann Santa Maria March 25, 2019
I never plan aheard for haircuts - I just get the urge and call for an appointment. The stylists at the Glam Room are consistent, creative and professional. Toni was super nice and fun and gave me a great haircut.
—Sheila Vemmer March 25, 2019
This was my 4th or 5th cut with Michael and he’s done a fantastic job every time!
—Stu Jefferson March 24, 2019
This os hands down the best place ever! I would recommend this place and Anna to everyone!
—Carrie Shumate March 24, 2019
I came in on a whim to do a consult. I was set up with Rebecca. She spent a great deal of time with me and scheduled me in the next day between other clients. After 6 hours, my hair came out amazing, compared to what it was when I came in. I understood that it would take more than one or two services to complete the look that I want, but that's okay! I am in front of the camera doing podcasts often and I won't be embarrassed this next week when I am a guest on 3, and I won't have to wear a baseball cap to hide my hair. I cannot thank Rebecca enough, and with some guidance from Cassie! Your salon is amazing and I love the vibe!
—Tracy Enos` March 23, 2019
Very impressed with the talent, customer setivice, and professionalism!
—Amber Morse March 22, 2019
Great people!
—Maricruz Gonzales March 22, 2019
—Jessica Williams March 22, 2019
This is my first time getting my hair cut and balayage here, and I love it! Nothing could go wrong. My hair turned out very pretty. I’m very impressed. Hollie is done pretty good job! I’m sure I’ll go back there. I finally found my hair salon in Kansas City.
—Lucky Trusty March 21, 2019
One of the best pedicures and manicures I have ever received. Mai Lee and Jessie nailed it!
—Tracy Fischer March 20, 2019
Jacob gave me a fantastic cut and style, he truly cares about what he does AND he listens to what you're looking for which is everything! Couldn't be happier.
—Kari Jacobson March 20, 2019
I had a great experience with a sugar Brazilian. Angela gave me tips for next time and made it as painless as possible. Will go back.
—Kelsey Pinzino March 20, 2019
I was impressed with Liz's ability to make Me feel comfortable right away. She truly knows how to make the experience the best possible. I Loved My Hair and she really went above and beyond for me! I look forward to more conversations and hair transformations with Liz.
—Emily Easter March 20, 2019
Madalyn did a great job! I explained what I wanted and she knew exactly what to do— the cut, the style, everything was great! I’ll definitely be coming back :)
—Victoria Harp March 19, 2019
—Amy Ridgeway March 19, 2019
—Jennifer Moriarty March 19, 2019
I have been coming to the Glam Room for years and have never had a bad experience! My whole family sees Louis for hair cuts and color treatments. He is amazingly talented and always knows how to get my color and style exactly where I want it, without me even having to explain it to him. The Glam Room is a beautiful full service salon with all the top products and latest trends. Even with all that, their service prices are so reasonable and competitive. It is the best salon in Kansas City by far!
—Gigi Conger March 18, 2019
Cheray is the absolute best massage therapist! She is super knowledgeable and experienced. She goes above and beyond and truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend Cheray!
—Kristen Naghshineh March 17, 2019
Great clean neat salon great stylist
—Gina Pricer March 16, 2019
I enjoyed all aspects of this experience. Great staff and great service. Liz Bean was fabulous!!!
—Theresa Durkin March 16, 2019
Peyton is nice and her work is great!! I have never been able to get color like she does anywhere else!
—Hollly Johnston March 13, 2019
Liz always does an amazing job!!!
—Jamie Kacz March 13, 2019
Jacob is amazing. Recommended to all my classmates and fam. Will deff be going back to him
—Nuvia Lemus March 12, 2019
Best service, color, and cut!
—Chanelle Dieckmann March 12, 2019
I had a few ideas about how to freshen my blonde for spring, mostly involving unrealistically attempts at the gray trend or going full-on Daenerys Targaryen one-dimensional platinum. Maddy took what I was going for and translated it into a doable, bright balyage that completely exceeded my expectations. She was thorough, friendly and open about the process through the entire cut & color. A definite go-to for blondes!
—Kaylan Brett March 12, 2019
My stylist Payton is always friendly, does an amazing job on my hair, and always makes me feel comfortable and welcome!
—Bethany Gummelt March 10, 2019
I love coming to see Jess for my Mani pedis! She is amazing!
—Stacie Meyer March 10, 2019
Madalyn S.was great as usual. I let her do whatever she wanted with my color and she hit it out of the park. Best yet!!
—Leslie Young March 10, 2019
I had an amazing service, Micki is amazing thank you
—Jackie Wrinkle March 09, 2019
Rebecca is a RE-MARK-ABLE stylist who not only knows how to do utterly fabulous color and cut.... BUT HER SHAMPOO and Rinse will make you MELT. They are amazing. You will be so relaxed with the shampoo and confident with your DOO!!
—Fran White March 09, 2019
Mai-Lee is an amazing Hair Dresser held me with Make up and products. love the extra touch of hot towels
—Maritza Ceballos March 08, 2019
Jesse did my nails and I truly enjoyed the whole experience. I will be back.
—Cristina Ramirez March 08, 2019
Cheray is very professional, capable, & personable. She does marvelous work, often going the extra mile. She is a gem and I’m glad I found her.
—Stephanie Chychota March 07, 2019
Yesterday I got another cut and highlight from Alexis. Alexis always suggests tweaks to my hairstyle which I always love when completed. I also enjoyed chatting with her new assistant,
—Christine Davidson March 07, 2019
—Chloe Lange March 06, 2019
Love the Glam Room and am very happy with Allison. After my first trip to this salon, I loved the vibe and had a sense that it would be as awesome as the reviews stated. When it wasn't all I hoped it would be, I reached out to the owner and we decided it was more likely the result of a bad match between client and stylist. He recommended Allison and asked me to give the salon a second chance. I am *so* glad I did. I was tired of commuting to LA and DC to get my hair done and finally found someone who met my very high expectations.
—Jennifer Vitela March 06, 2019
Alexis always takes care of me and my hair needs! Amazing salon with amazing people! I don’t know what I’d do without Alexis and the fabulous Glam Room!! Thank you, again!
—Heidi Strohmeier March 05, 2019
Liz is the BEST! She understands perfectly what it is im trying to do with my hair. Definetly the best haircut ive ever received. Also very fun to visit with. Im glad we got teamed up together
—Russel Burton March 04, 2019
I had waxing done and it was great and I did not feel rushed. Most places try and get you in and out no personal service but at the Glam they treat you with respect and make sure you are happy. Beth did my wax. The two people checking me in had a great personality and it was fun talking to them. I look forward to going back.
—Danny Sparks March 03, 2019
This was the first time I went to the salon. It was pretty clean and the staff was welcoming when I walked in. Maddy was great and did an amazing job with my hair. I will definitely be back!
—Kayly Zimmer March 03, 2019
I came to Glam Room for their wax services and am very satisfied with my time there; the hospitality, and consideration of it being my first time there and wax were taken into account. Planning on returning :)
—Alyson Gray March 03, 2019
My go to girl is Allison but since she doesn't work weekend I go to who is available and never disappointed , everyone is very talented and professional at what they do had Mike yesterday and very happy with my hair cut !!!!
—Willie Monarez March 03, 2019
Louie is so kind and easy to talk to. He is such a talent my hair always looks so good when I leave
—Mary Sullivan March 03, 2019
You guys are always awesome!
—Jessie Curtis March 02, 2019
Alison was awesome. She took time to get to know me (it was my first visit), figured out what style I wanted and customized it to my hair type and routine, and made sure to keep notes for the next time I visit... which I definitely will be doing! Plus wine.
—Andrea Spenger March 02, 2019
Rebecca did a great job. But I can’t wait until Megan is back!
—Dennis Dunavant March 01, 2019
Love this place! Madelyn is amazing and her prices are just right! I always leave there so pleased and feeling beautiful!
—Sarah Grampp March 01, 2019
—Susie Leeper February 28, 2019
I love coming to The Glam Room. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and they provide excellent service. Christian always offers fun and modern haircuts and colors.
—Anna Starks February 28, 2019
Really loved the time she took to listen to what I wanted and the color is amazing. I’ve tried many of other name brand salons but I’ve never had such beautiful color! Love it, client for life. Worth paying a little more for geourgious hair -
—April Harlin February 27, 2019
I’d been asking around town for a new place to get my hair done and Liz’s name came up a few times. SO glad I listened. Fabulous service, relaxing environment and a quality cut. Will definitely return.
—Ashley Ringgenberg February 27, 2019
I've seen Madalyn (Riley/Stenner) a couple of times now and every single time I walk away in love with my hair! I have pretty fine hair and usually struggle to find products that won't just way it down and she always has great suggestions for which products would work for me. This last time I saw her though she absolutely outdid herself - I don't know the last time I was this obsessed with my hair (cut and color)!! Thanks for doing what you do so well girl!
—Audrey Oglesby February 27, 2019
I always feels great after Jacob does my hair. Love the color and style.
—Sue Cordell February 27, 2019
—Gina Rivera February 27, 2019
Professional, yet warm and friendly.
—Terry Meek February 27, 2019
First of all I love the ambiance of the place its cozy and relaxing. People are very accommodating. My hair stylist was really thorough in asking me questions about my hair, the products that I use, and what kind of cut i wanted, she definitely knows what she’s doing and she didn’t disappoint!! I was very satisfied with my experience.
—Patricia Lizares February 26, 2019
I am newly back in KC, after 20 years away. Finding a hair salon was a top priority, and daunting - I am picky! The front desk suggested Alexis and they were right. She did a thorough consultation, we discussed what I wanted in detail, and then she executed beautiful work! Great color, awesome short, sassy cut. My next appointments are already booked. Success!
—Cheryl Cottarman February 26, 2019
Mai Lee was outstanding! Absolutely rocked my color. I needed to step away from the beloved blonde baylage and move to something a little my Kate Middleton, she gave me that with feel and still kept it real with my goals. I needed some me time to just read in silence and I felt like Mai Lee let me just relax and enjoy! Thank you so much for the great day! I will absolutely see you again in 6 weeks.
—Karen Boehm February 25, 2019
Maddy went above and beyond to ensure that I left the salon with hair that I absolutely loved. I haven't gone to a salon in almost 2 years due to the fact that I always left not happy with the results. I can't wait to return in 12 weeks for a trim and a glaze! I am one happy girl!
—Taylor Mingolla February 25, 2019
Excellent hair color and cut!
—Cheryl Luecke February 24, 2019
Michael did an amazing job with my hair. He was super informative and explained every little detail of what he was doing along the way. At the end of my cut he gave me style tips and was just so genuine from start to finish! Thanks for making me look amazing Michael!
—Michael McFarland February 22, 2019
Alyssa is the best. Love my new color and sassy hairstyle.
—Savannah Brown February 21, 2019
I had a wonderful experience from start to finish. My stylist took the time to ask questions about my hair type, my desired look and even gave me tips on how to style. Great product recommendations as well. Will definitely be back.
—Stef Seger February 20, 2019
—Sydney Beasley February 18, 2019
Christian absolutely saved the day (and my hair) for me! I had a pretty bad previous experience with a salon that will remain unnamed. Even though I was very detailed and shared pictures of what I wanted to try with my former stylist, my blonde hair turned out VERY dark at this other salon. I wanted more of a J Lo brown...what I got was super dark and made me look just...SAD. What's worse, I told my former stylist I was growing out my hair, yet he proceeded to cut off almost 2 inches! I was devastated. I waited a long 4 weeks to see someone else and excellent reviews brought me to The Glam Room. Even though I was visibly nervous and wasn't sure I even wanted to do anything at all, I talked through it all with Christian and gave her my backstory. I showed her pictures too, we talked through color (ash blonde vs. buttery; the J Lo brown vs. doo doo brown, etc.) and I told her I probably wouldn't be cutting my hair for months now since the last stylist cut off all my hard work. Cut to a couple hours later and I'm so happy to say, I'M BAAAACK!!! The color that Christian did is outstanding and I couldn't stop looking at it when I got home and when I styled it the next day and the next day, etc. It's not just that I'm a blonde again - because I really did want to try going darker 4 weeks ago - but now I have tonality and dimension and - dare I say - I look like a natural blonde! I am obsessed with my new hair and my new stylist and I can't wait to see her again! Thank you, Christian, for bringing me back to life! Now if I want to try a darker color or darker pieces - or hell - go in a completely different direction...I'm no longer nervous with The Glam Room! Thank you, thank you!
—Jill Jensen February 18, 2019
Payton rocked it once again! I love that she takes my inspiration pics and makes it happen, but she also sets my expectation to what we can do out of the session. I feel like her first priority is always the integrity of my hair and I very much appreciate that. The experience in the salon is so thoughtful too. From the shampoo chairs too, the decorations, too the music- it's always very warm and welcoming.
—Alexis Mikulich February 18, 2019
I have been coming to Emily for over a year for my facials. So many people have remarked on the difference in my skin...... everyone at the Glam room is always friendly and helpfu.
—Pat Hackett February 18, 2019
Great customer service and service that was provided.
—Annie Pham February 17, 2019
Me han hecho sentir viva de nuevo, gracias.
—Karla Monestel February 17, 2019
Cheray is the absolute best!
—Judy Fields February 16, 2019
Awesome. the best experience for a salon
—Mary Sullivan February 14, 2019
Great experience!
—Rhonda Elkins February 14, 2019
moved to the GLAM because of jacob's arrival---have met more of the coworkers there as well---very professional, able, and a wonderfully designed facility---worth the time and travel
—Allen Edwards February 14, 2019
Louie works wonders ~ he happy to find a hairdresser who does such a great job!
—kathy Joyce February 12, 2019
Louie works wonders ~ he happy to find a hairdresser who does such a great job!
—kathy Joyce February 12, 2019
Love watching our dedicated team elevating the industry everyday!
—Jason York February 12, 2019
Payton is absolutely fantastic knowing exactly what to do with my hair! She is so down to earth and incredibly sweet. Emily rocked my lashes and answered to all of my concerns, I was not expecting such amazing results. I love The Glam Room!!
—Tosha Duncan February 10, 2019
Amazing stylist!!! Will definitely be back!
—Jan Martin February 10, 2019
I get an outstanding haircut each and every time!
—LA Schwerdt February 10, 2019
Alexis is amazing! My hair style and color always looks awesome after Alexis has worked her magic! Thank you for always making me feel like I’m ready for the runway!
—Heidi Strohmeier February 10, 2019
I had my hair cut and colored by Meghan and I can’t say enough good things. She wasn’t afraid to really give me all of the copper highlights and overall color I was looking for. She carried on good conversation and made me feel super comfortable during the whole process.
—Kristen Love February 09, 2019
I had my hair cut and colored by Meghan and I can’t say enough good things. She wasn’t afraid to really give me all of the copper highlights and overall color I was looking for. She carried on good conversation and made me feel super comfortable during the whole process.
—Kristen Love February 09, 2019
Cass did my hair and did an amazing job! Her attention to detail made my experience wonderful! I don’t normally spend that much on getting my hair done but it was worth it! I will be going back even with it being an hour away from me!
—Elexis McLaughlin February 09, 2019
After trying different “chop shops” around Kansas City, i finally found a men’s stylist in Michael, who is knowledgeable caring and takes his time. His personality is out of this world. He fixed a very bad haircut and made it look top notch!
—Chris Kenney February 08, 2019
Rebecca saves the days (as usual). I came in for my 2nd haircut with Rebecca and told her to to do the, "exact same thing as Las time." And she did. ALWAYS listening to me, intently during consultation. And, of course, her skill & compatentancy of knowing what to do and HOW to do it! Thank you, Rebecca! I'll be back in a couple of months when my curls get out of control. You work magic! Thank you, Mindy Cindrich~
—Mindy Cindrich February 08, 2019
Rebecca saves the days (as usual). I came in for my 2nd haircut with Rebecca and told her to to do the, "exact same thing as Las time." And she did. ALWAYS listening to me, intently during consultation. And, of course, her skill & compatentancy of knowing what to do and HOW to do it! Thank you, Rebecca! I'll be back in a couple of months when my curls get out of control. You work magic! Thank you, Mindy Cindrich~
—Mindy Cindrich February 08, 2019
Madelyn was wonderful as always.
—Gregg Cantrell February 08, 2019
I got a lash lift and tint.. great service and results! I’ll definitely be back!
—Kaylee Coulter February 07, 2019
Everyone there works as a team and they’re so amazing!
—Stacy Uranich February 07, 2019
Maddy is great. Very professional and does a fabulous job.
—Jessica Agler February 06, 2019
This was my first time to the Glam Room and from the moment I walked in I was greeted with such a friendly smile and made to feel welcomed. Rebecca took the time to talk over my ideas with me and help me figure out what I was wanting. She did an amazing job and took the time to get my hair exactly where I wanted it. I'm definitely coming back!
—Nikki Nisly February 06, 2019
I liked the procedure it wasn't as painful as I thought and the aesthetician was very helpful and explained everything to me. However I wasn't happy with the little hairs that was left behind.
—Mildred Pope February 05, 2019
Liz did an amazing job! She always does! Thank you so much for the beautiful hair,Liz!❤
—Dawn Overall February 03, 2019
I’m an avid tennis player (and former gymnast) so my body has lots of aches and pains. Cheray is the BEST massage therapist I’ve ever seen. She listens to your concerns and knows her stuff. My last massage left my body feeling better than it has in months!!!! I can’t leave without booking my next massage because it’s made such an incredible difference in my overall health and healing. Between working full time and playing as much tennis as possible I’m busy, but I will continue to always make time to see Cheray!
—Kerrie Bryant February 02, 2019
I’m an avid tennis player (and former gymnast) so my body has lots of aches and pains. Cheray is the BEST massage therapist I’ve ever seen. She listens to your concerns and knows her stuff. My last massage left my body feeling better than it has in months!!!! I can’t leave without booking my next massage because it’s made such an incredible difference in my overall health and healing. Between working full time and playing as much tennis as possible I’m busy, but I will continue to always make time to see Cheray!
—Kerrie Bryant February 02, 2019
I absolutely love this salon! Every time I come, I have a great experience. It doesn’t matter if I’m getting my nails done, my hair is done, or my eyelashes done, the service is impeccable and the quality they deliver is unmatched.
—Klorissa Kavan February 02, 2019
I get treated like a king every time I'm there!
—John Baccala February 01, 2019
Cass did my eyebrows and she was so great! I have sensitive skin and had no problems. She checked a few times throughout that I was happy with the result. I’ll be back!
—Breanne Jeffries January 31, 2019
Thanks to Christian and another fabulous appointment. Bonus was complimentary hand wax and beauty facial. Will always be coming back!!!!!!
—Cynthia Smith January 31, 2019
I wont go any other place Liz is amazing
—Jessica Mabrey January 29, 2019
—ash graham January 29, 2019
This is my rave review for the services and talent provided by Hollie Haskins and her assistant Kelsey. I loved how Hollie sat beside me and had a conversation about changes I wanted to make to my hair length and color. The conversation was so natural and she made me feel so welcomed. I walked out of the salon feeling great! I have beautiful bouncy hair, fresh eyebrows, and confidence to start my Monday morning on a good note.
—Salena Sauber January 28, 2019
I have been driving two hours every six weeks to get my hair done here and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Completely worth it!
—Haley Carlson January 27, 2019
I had another fabulous facial by Nina my skin feels radiant and fresh everytime I get a facial by her and today my skin was dry and dehydrated and she made it feel hydrated and smooth and glowing !! Can’t wait for my next facial in 2 weeks.. highly recommend her☺️
—Michelle Termini January 27, 2019
Seriously she did a wonderful job at making me feel like a 10. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to say I LOVE my hair!!
—Mandi January 26, 2019
I decided to try a new stylist on a whim and I am so happy I did! Toni was awesome and did EXACTLY what I wanted and asked me how I felt about it along the way. She was easy to talk to and I will definitely be going back!!
—Maggie Mcmichael January 26, 2019
After an appointment with Cass I always walk out the doors looking like a million bucks!
—Rachel Ellyn January 25, 2019
Amazing natural results and thought provoking conversation from a wonderful human being!
—Kat Zahner January 25, 2019
What a great visit!!! Love my new color and cut!
—Leslie Young January 24, 2019
Rebecca always does a great job. The waiting chairs during a color are absolutely horrible. It’s basically a folding chair! Not very conducive for a relaxing experience l.
—Nancy Fisch January 24, 2019
I had an upcoming trip and had not had my hair cut in a while. I waited till the last minute to book, and the staff at Glam Room got me in. While there, they treated me very well. Of course they are great at cutting hair, but this salon has what will keep me coming back--excellent service. Shout out to Madeline, who did a great job with my hair!
—Jessica Wilkinson January 24, 2019
I moved to town this summer and needed a new salon. Since it was close and I liked what I saw online, I decided to try out the Glam Room. I've been to the same nail tech for 20 years so this was a BIG DEAL to go to someone new. What luck! I'm welcomed each time by friendly faces and love my time with Jess, my new nail tech. She is knowledgeable, great at solving any nail issues and fun to sit with every other week! I'm not a trendy person but she knows what I like and is always ready for me. She also helped me choose from the many stylists and I have a new hair stylist there, too! He is also super friendly, talented and really listens to my concerns about my hair and helps me find ways to fix them. I'm looking forward to many more relaxing times at the Glam Room and trying out some of their other services!
—Leanne Davis January 24, 2019
—Angela Gersh January 23, 2019
I recently had my hair cut there and I was just blown away!!! I have already scheduled my 6 week appointment with the Gal who cut my hair (I wish I remembered her name, sorry I'm bad with names) but she was THE BOMB!! She knew exactly what I wanted and she was the sweetest person ever! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE MY NEW HAIR! <3 Thanks Glam Room!
—HATZUVILS FLORES January 22, 2019
As always, Alexis is amazing and so good at what she does! You are so luck to have her. She is the best I have ever had and represents you the best!!
—Nancy Wilson January 21, 2019
I really enjoy Payton's work and conversation. I was the first customer on a Saturday morning. The crew was welcoming and upbeat. It is a fun and professional business and Payton as always provided an excellent cut.
—Kirk Harding January 21, 2019
—Payton Fenner January 21, 2019